#WorkoutoftheWeek 4.1.2019

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.
— John Ruskin
Marie T. at CrossFit M1 in Milan, Italy. Photo by:  @sashprez

Marie T. at CrossFit M1 in Milan, Italy. Photo by: @sashprez

Welcome back to our Workout of the Week posts! Once a week we will be sharing a workout that one of our community members shared with us for the overall benefit of CrossFit programming as a means to keep fit and stay healthy.

This week, we’ve a workout on the list that I submitted a while back when I was still at CrossFit Southie, in Boston, MA. It’s full of rowing, clean and jerks, and burpees, so let’s hop to it!

#WorkoutoftheWeek 4.1.2019

For Max Reps:
4-minutes of Rowing
4-minutes of Clean and Jerks (135/95 lbs.)
4-minutes of Burpee Lateral jumps
Score is total reps

WOD Credit: CrossFit Southie

I remember this being a pretty brutal workout, despite it going by pretty fast. Three four-minute intervals of rowing, clean & jerks, and burpees tended to add up pretty fast and left me gassed on this workout. And being 6’4” - one of these movements was really in my wheelhouse, while the other two were not. But, hey….this is CrossFit, right? Attack those weaknesses and get after it.

Keys to the game here: come out with a strong row and get your heart rate up, just not so much that you will suffer when you transition to the clean & jerks. You want to be able to stay steady on the C&J, but know that your money will be made on the row and on the burpees. Pick whichever movement is better for you (cals on the rower or burpees) and choose to push for your score there.

As it is, I think I landed with something like 98 or 105 calories on the rower, about 30-35 clean & jerks (RX), and maybe about 30 or 40 burpees? Can’t quite remember, but I ended up with 168 total reps.

P.S. If you need help on your clean & jerk, or simply are looking for scaling options, lower the weight and watch this video until you are comfortable with the overhead movement.

Fun workout, good times, and if you are ever in the Boston area, drop in and tell CrossFit Southie I miss ‘em! They have excellent coaches, tons of classes, tons of room, and did I mention the killer programming?

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