I am a fan of the sport of Fitness. I love it. I cannot help it. So naturally, no matter what I said previously, I caved and paid the 30 bucks to watch Wodapalooza. The event was being streamed on Flo-Elite, and a subscription was required for viewing. This right on the heels of a totally free streaming of the Dubai CrossFit Championships.

Wodapalooza is one of the biggest fitness events of the year. I couldn't miss it, but it turns out I basically did. 

FloElite was, in many ways, a garbage streaming service. They had multiple events going on at different times via multiple feeds, but they did not make it very clear where to find what. They were also off schedule almost all the time, so when I finally figured out what feed was what, I could pretty much never find what I was looking for, and never knew if I had missed it, or if it hadn't yet begun.


Perhaps the biggest issue of them all was the inability to watch back events I had missed! What kind of streaming service costs 30 bucks, and you can't even replay the events!? 

To be fair, I reached out to them about this, and they responded telling me that the event replays would be up for replayed viewing in 48 hours or so. This was on Sunday, the final day of competition. So, as a result, I couldn't watch the events that I wanted to live, and I couldn't catch up between days. 

It was a total waste of money, and I have already canceled my subscription. What's worse, if Dubai can provide free streaming at a level that far exceeds Wodapalooza's, that's a major issue in my book. I hope that they figure out their issues, especially if this is going to be the trend moving forward.

Just make it free, ya boobs...