This Photo and Cover photo: Courtesy of The CrossFit Games/CrossFit Inc

This Photo and Cover photo: Courtesy of The CrossFit Games/CrossFit Inc


Breaking news coming out of CrossFit HQ made my jaw plummet to the floor this morning, and my insides turn over. As The Morning Chalk Up reports, CrossFit Inc. has let go of another bunch of media related employees in it's continued attempt to re-shift their focus away from the Games, and towards fitness, seminars, and the program.

This time however, we have notable names and faces linked to these lost jobs. Among this batch to unfortunately have their contracts cut with CrossFit are Tommy Marquez, Sean Woodland, Rory McKernon, Marston Sawyer, and Heber Canon.

For those of you who are kinda-sorta fans, but don't really know names or faces, allow me to tell you what we as a fan base just lost:

  • Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland were absolute staples of the CrossFit Games Update Show, keeping us updated on all things CrossFit Games throughout the entire season

  • Sean Woodland might as well be called the voice of CrossFit, as he was the lead man in the broadcast booth calling events at the Games

  • Rory McKernon warmed our hearts for years in the CrossFit Open Ro vs Boz series, which everyone agrees was way more fun to watch than the announcement athletes

  • McKernon was also the main sideline reporter from the games, both back stage and on the competition floor, and a frequent member of the Games Update crew

  • Heber and Marston were both primary cameramen for CrossFit, and were the producers and directors of the award winning Fittest on Earth documentaries, the Road to the Games documentaries, as well as the behind the scenes of the CrossFit Games videos

Marston and Heber. Photo Courtesy of @marzmedia

Marston and Heber. Photo Courtesy of @marzmedia

McKernon and Marquez, Photo Courtesy of @tommymarquez

McKernon and Marquez, Photo Courtesy of @tommymarquez

Woodland, Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Woodland, Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc


I will be the first to admit, perhaps even writing this blog is shallow and selfish, as these are real people who lost real jobs and have to find their next path in life. But I am writing this as I speak for all of the fans of CrossFit as a sport, I am so so so bummed here man.

Glassman has said many times, all the changes to the games are about making the company focus on fitness again rather than extra curricular, but this is tough. As a fan, I love watching all these videos, and tuning into these personalities to get me fired up about the competitions, and to learn something new about the athletes I am seeing.

And now they are gone. ALL OF THEM.

No more docs. No more update show. Seriously, this is like being a massive mainstream sports fan, and then you find out that ESPN has decided to fire all their best people and refocus on only ESPN The Ocho BS. Its just...gone.

I don't know what this means for CrossFit as a sport long term (providing this report is accurate, which I am sure it is) but I tell ya what, it definitely isn't a good thing. Im sitting here right now and my head is spinning about how we are gonna stay up to date with all this stuff, asking myself how are we supposed to be excited and be able to follow these sanctioned events and the Open without these core figures. Because it isn't like HQ is looking to replace them ya know? They are just cutting the content.

I hope all these guys start their own freelance company and get hired in to help with the Games or something. They are absolutely awesome, and being a fan of the sport suddenly seems almost impossible without them. Guys, on behalf of all the fans, I say thank you for the ride. It has been something so enjoyable for all of us. Now go out there and make a deal with HQ so we can have you making content anyways.

This blows. I am not a fan. Let me know what you think of this down below in the comment section of this blog.

Marc, out.

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