Light pollution is a big pain in the booty, and the funny thing is most people have no idea. If there is a lot of one thing in this country, it's people. Particularly on the east coast, there are just people everywhere. Where there are people, there are lights, and you have no idea how unfortunate that is for the beauteous night sky.

The way most people see it is the city has light pollution and the burbs have night sky. And the people of the burbs love living there and love their night sky. Fun fact- they are sorely mistaken.

In order to truly appreciate the skyscape above our heads every night, you need to go to a place where people aren't a thing. I'm not talking about an open field in suburbia, and I am not talking about laying out in the backyard with the lights off. I mean a place where human beings are the minority, where nature roams and trees and wildlife flourish.


The first time I ever truly bore witness to the night sky was in Zion National Park in good ole Utah. Until that time in my life, I felt many of the pictures I had seen of the night sky were a bunch of boohaugy. To be frank, seeing the true night sky blew my mind.

When you stare up at the abyss, you feel like you are falling straight through time and space. You become so aware that you are a small insignificant spec stuck to the side of a hunk of rock floating through the cosmos. The Milky Way pops as brightly as a jet of snow flies through the air as its hurled from a snowblower. It is truly, epicly  spectacular.

If you haven't had a chance to see the true night sky yet, you owe it to yourself to make it happen. Seeing something so dramatic is really life changing. To take five minutes to lay back and soak in the magnitude of space is something very special, and a completely different experience when away from the pollution of light. Remove yourself miles and miles away from the nearest street lamps and headlights, and you will be floored. Guaranteed.

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