Travel Workout 10.17.2018

It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.
— Vince Lombardi
Nolan Thompson

Nolan Thompson

Grit: we often talk about it here at VoyEdge RX, and we are sure you do at the box, at home, the workplace and more. It’s a word often mentioned a lot these days, but how many of us actually have it?

To have grit, is to have experience in adversity. It’s to say no when your mind and body want to quit. It’s the ability to push through the wall and get yourself to a higher plane. It’s about the grind and whether we face that in our lives, or just at the box, it is something we should all strive for. Find your demons, face them, push through that difficult time and come out the other side stronger than ever before.

With that said, let’s dive into another travel workout from our team, this one coming from Nolan Thompson (you may have seen him on our Greece trip as a guide), but here we go.

Travel Workout

Do this anywhere, anytime with grit

150x Push-ups

(Every break = 40yd Sprint)

The workout: 150 push-ups for time. Seems easy, right? Wrong. Try this one out and we guarantee it’ll take you closer to 10-minutes than you think. Find an easy space where you can sprint for about 6-8 seconds forward (or about 40 yards) and then stop, drop and get back to the push-ups. Every time your arms give out (or your mind) get up and sprint back to life in the opposite direction for another 6-8 seconds.

Chances are, you’ll do about 10 sprints, or somewhere around there, before finishing all 150 push-ups. You can thank Nolan for this workout when you see him next. It’s a burner, and one you can do anywhere. From the beaches of Costa Rica, to the shores of Lake Como. Add this one to your repertoire.

Re-live our Greece 2018 trip and catch-up with Nolan on our podcast here.

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