What to Eat to Get Your Best Body, a Weekly Meal Plan!


Guest blog by: Jack Greener

Do you dream of leading a healthy life? Staying healthy means that you have to take care of your body as well. Eating healthy, doing exercise, and staying hydrated are some of the many steps you need to take towards a healthier lifestyle. 

One of the most important things one must do to stay in shape is by eating right. Say no to junk food and fizzy drinks. You are what you eat and that is why you should think about developing a meal plan.

Meal plans are extremely handy as they can keep you in check and minimize the chances of you eating unhealthy food. As long as your meal plan is filled with healthy food, you are good to go!

If you don’t have a meal plan yet, we have one that will work like a charm! Here are some food items for you that you can try adding to your meals for a whole week.


  • Eggs are an incredible source of protein. There is a reason why they are known as traditional breakfast all around the world. Cook some eggs with olive oils in the way that you prefer.

  • I love to have sandwiches for breakfast because they are light and you can add whatever kind of filling you like. 

  • Buy cereal at the start of every month and they will have your breakfast covered every morning!

  • Having yogurt in your fridge is very handy as you can grab a bowl and eat on your way to work. Plus, it is very healthy as well.


  • Best snacks to eat between the meals are fruits. They don’t let you put on extra fat. Some of the best fruits you can eat are avocados, berries, banana, apple, papaya, and squash. 


  • Any type of fish is really good for your body. If you love to eat sushi, now is the time you prepare its ingredients so you can have it for lunch any day of the week.

  • Salad is an underrated item because it can literally contain every (healthy) food you love and it would taste delicious! If you cannot have greens all the time, you can add some low-fat pasta to your salad or simply add some grilled chicken or any seasoning of your choice to make the salad more delicious. 

Bonus tip: You can make your own low-fat pasta at home with all the organic ingredients. All you need is a pasta machine and you’re good to go. 


  • Turkey burger for dinner is the savory item we all need! Pan cook your burger and add turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and some cheese in it. You can add your favorite fillings as it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself once in a while. You have earned it!

  • Pan grill Thai salmon with asparagus in sesame oil. Season it with some soya sauce and eat it with Thai peanut sauce.

  • Roasted chicken with boiled rice is an excellent combination. No need to fry your chicken as it will take away the nutrition. Instead, roast your chicken with your favorite seasoning and enjoy it with boiled rice. 

Setting a meal plan will enable you to get your best body and save some extra cash! Use these ideas and set a meal plan. Prepare the required ingredients at the start of every week so you save time every day!


Author Bio:

This post is written by Line Arias who has been working as a nutritionist for ten years now. She recently collaborated with health and fitness spa, NYC, and since then, she has been working on weight loss’ meal prep plans.

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