Travel Workout 10.27.2018

You can’t read about push-ups. You gotta do ‘em.
— Gary Vaynerchuk
Lacey Fogg putting the work in on our Costa Rica 2018 trip

Lacey Fogg putting the work in on our Costa Rica 2018 trip

Welcome back to another dose of travel & fitness. This time, we have a workout from our very own Nolan Thompson, who crafted this workout for a future trip. It’s full of push-ups (love ‘em or hate ‘em) and sprints.

Write this one down for when there isn’t a gym nearby, or when you’re traveling and want to get some serious work done outside. Let’s dive in.

Travel Workout

10 rounds for time

15x Push-ups

100m Sprint

For time

The workout: Obvious here, but if you can’t do 150 push-ups, scale the number back to 10 or even 5 per round but keep the sprints. If you don’t have an accurate measure for 100 meters, use every step as about 1 meter and walk 100 steps. Or, pick a point where you can run 10 sprints to.

Track your time and attempt a steady burn. You don’t want to come out of the gate hot on this one only to be jogging at the end and breaking your push-up sets into 2’s and 3’s.

Get it done, and then go find your beach to lay around on. Relaxation feels 10 times better after you’ve put the work in. Trust us on that one.

McKay DeGering post WOD feels.

McKay DeGering post WOD feels.

Try this one out and comment down below

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