Travel Workout 1.18.2019

Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it.
— Anonymous
Can’t get to the gym? Do a travel workout instead.

Can’t get to the gym? Do a travel workout instead.

Travel WOD:

50x Sit Ups

Tabata Squats

50x Sit Ups

Submitted by: Nolan Thompson

Travel WOD’s are great because they can be done anywhere at anytime. From the hotel, to the beach, jungle, desert, grass and beyond, there is simply never a reason not to stay fit. You are a human being, the point is to move! And it is never too late to start. Whether it is part of a bigger goal, or you simply want to maintain, travel WOD’s are designed to keep you using those muscles.

This workout (submitted by Nolan) has 100 sit-ups and combines tabata air squats in the middle. Tabata is a Japanese method of interval training where . you are ‘on’ for 20 seconds and off for 10, for eight total rounds. Which ultimately gives you a solid 8 minutes of work with planned rest. It might not sound like much but it can be quite taxing. If you need help on the Tabata method, watch the video down below and make sure those knees get below parallel! If the workload is not enough for you, then feel free to double it or add another movement in there as you see fit.

Thanks for the submission, Nolan!

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