Travel Workout #71

Either you run the day, or it runs you.
— Jim Rohn

Travel workouts are designed to be done anywhere with little equipment and near to no access to a gym. With travel workouts (WOD’s) you can always get the opportunity to get a sweat in and never have an excuse for skipping your daily health regimen. This week, we’ve got a quick 10-15 minute burner for you called, “Hotel Hell” that you can do with the use of dumbbells or kettlebells anywhere, anytime.

I tackled this workout on our recent Banff National Park trip with one of our customers who arrived early at the hotel. We figured it would be a long day of travel so wanted to get something good in, and promptly ran into the pool area and hit the slide a couple times to celebrate the finishing of the work. You know who you are….good times!


Hotel Hell Workout

Travel WOD #71

100 dumbbell (or kettlebell) thrusters for time

Every minute on the minute: Do Three Burpees

Score: Time finished


Movement demos are above in the links, but this workout is a brutal one….pace it out of the gate and maintain your number throughout every single minute OR come out hot out of the gate and slow down as you get closer to 100 thrusters.

Make sure to grab two DB’s or KB’s that you feel you can do 100 of. For this particular instance, I grabbed two 35’s as I was already feeling a bit sore and just wanted to move. RX would typically be 50 lbs. for men and 35 lbs. for women.

Move confidently and get into the bottom of your squat (talking DEEP) and make sure to lock out those elbows on the thrusters, too. This is a good workout and should take around 10-15 minutes. Feel free to post your scores to the comments.

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