Croatia: Lived, Learned and Noted

This trip has a very special place in my heart. The culture and sights blew me away and we got to experience the once in a lifetime excitement of the World Cup Finals; we were watching history and it will stay with me forever.

Here are some things I lived, learned and noted for you about Croatia.

Oh Hi Zagreb!

Oh Hi Zagreb!

Sup, Split?

Sup, Split?

The mighty walls of Dubrovnik

The mighty walls of Dubrovnik

  • A lot of the country is uphill so be ready for some booty building, calf burning walks, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

  • Breakfast is not a thing. Okay, it is, but it’s a much more casual occasion in Croatia, and in most of Europe, than it is in the States. A coffee and a pastry is the norm so don’t expect to find big Denny’s style breakfasts in the mornings.

  • Throughout this trip, we board a lot of boats and buses so if you usually get any kind of motion sickness, try to always stay at the front of the boat/bus and throw some Dramamine and ginger ale (or ginger tablets/chews) in your bag, just in case.

  • A lot of the places in Croatia are cash only so be sure to always have some extra Kuna in your wallet in addition to your credit/debit card and ASK what they accept before you shop.

  • Ask the locals everything! We found incredible neighborhoods, shortcuts and hidden gems because we simply asked the locals what THEIR favorite things to do were.

  • We do A LOT of walking so pack shoes that you’re comfortable in. This is not a time to break in new ones!

  • On your free day, get up early for the tours. Believe me, it’s WORTH IT to avoid the crowds (and heat in the summer) if you get to the tours, like the Old City Wall Walk or The Game of Thrones tour, right when it opens.

  • Speaking of the Old City, try to stay away from purchases on the main street to avoid higher tourist charges. The side streets have more affordable (and at times better quality) options for you.
    Embrace the culture, go with an open mind and let this incredible country change your life. See you there in 2020!

~ Sasha OUT!

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