Travel Workout 12.21.2018

Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.
— Peter McWilliams / American self-help author

Travel WOD:

5 rounds:

50 sit ups

40 air squats

30 alternating DB snatches

20 jumping lunges

10 burpees

WOD credit: Aimee Young

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. That has long since been a line from Navy SEALs going through buds but also applies to nearly every situation a human being can possibly be in. Friction creates fire and going against the grain can turn things out to be quite smooth.

Without putting in the time, effort, grind and hustle, there will be no ultimate fruition, and the same thing applies to our fitness goals, too. We must be willing to endure the heat, sweat, doubts and put the work in tot get to where we want to be. Saying NO to processed carbs, excess sugars and more is also part of that process.

As it is, this is a classic workout from Aimee here. Five rounds, from 50 down to ten full of some very fun fitness movements designed to get you and keep you moving. Great if you have a dumbbell, if not sub a movement like push-ups in and continue going.

As it is, stand by to get some.

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