Travel WOD 11.2.2018

Nothing will work unless you do.
— John Wooden
Fitness + Travel = Happiness

Fitness + Travel = Happiness

Travel WOD:

5 Rounds of 3-minute AMRAP of:

3x Burpees

6x Push-ups

9x Squats

Rest one minute in-between

Score = Number of rounds completed plus reps

We are back this week with another travel workout you can do anywhere. From the beach, a hotel room, to the great outdoors in a park. There is never an excuse not to get your workout in.

This week, we have a special workout coming from Nolan, who recently got back from our Greece trip. He sent this one in to us and it looks like a burner. If you’re familiar with the workout, “Chief” then this workout may seem familiar to you.

The WOD is 5 rounds of a three-minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of burpees, push-ups and squats. Complete this as many times as possible in the three minutes and then take a one-minute break. Complete five rounds for a score.

Test your limits with this one and make sure your burpees are on point! Watch the video down below.

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