This Photo and Cover photo: Courtesy of The CrossFit Games/CrossFit Inc

This Photo and Cover photo: Courtesy of The CrossFit Games/CrossFit Inc


More news was recently announced about the upcoming CrossFit Games season. As you all know, this gets me VERY excited, as all new breaking news does for the Games.

So what's the big dealio? Seeding information was announced for the upcoming games format, and not to toot my own horn but I TOLD YA SO!

CrossFit Inc. announced earlier this week via the instas that there will be a seeding process for this years games (which is to be expected). They confirmed that the first day or two of the games will primarily be elimination events to widdle the competition down to 10 final competitors, who will compete on the rest of the weekend. They additionally announced that the starting seedings for all athletes will be determined based on their finish in the World Wide Open.

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Games/CrossFit Inc

Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Games/CrossFit Inc

As if THAT weren't enough, a big knowledge bomb was dropped on us about those who have already qualified via the Open, and their role in the sanctioned competitions. Would there be a point for them to compete at all until the Games? Glassman says hell yes there is, as CrossFit also announced that any athlete who qualifies for the games through the Open can still participate in sanctioned events as a way to improve their Games seed, and possibly even earn a bye straight into the championship events of the Games.


There is a tonnnnnn to digest here, but I do think some of this should be expected. Obviously people were going to be seeded, duh, and we knew that at some point we would be told if pre-qualified athletes should still compete in sanctioned events (the answer being a resounding yes). I LOVE that, because it makes each sanctioned event ultra competitive.

ESPECIALLY WHEN A BYE IS ON THE LINE. Holyyyyy smokes that seems almost too crazy to me. If we thought Matt Fraser was dominant before, how about now when he earns a bye and doesn't have to participate in half of the events!

When 8-9 of his other competitors are already half-dead zombies and Matty Boy only needs to complete 5 events to win (generalizing) he's gonna murder everyone out there. It almost doesn't seem fair, it really doesn't. In fact, it makes me wonder if perhaps athletes who earn a bye will still be forced to complete minimum work on the first workouts just to keep an even playing field?

I guess time will tell. Hang tight until our next breaking news, you can be sure I will have something to say about it. Just be sure to comment down below at the end of this post and let us know what you think.

But for now, let’s relive in the glory days, shall we?

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