I learn something every time I go into the mountains.
— Michael Kennedy

It is October 10th today, and we have had several days of snow up here in the mountains. I absolutely love this time of year here in the Rockies, it is so stinking majestic. I live in Park City which sits at 7000ish feet at the lowest, but I work in the Salt Lake-ish area which sits at about 4000 feet. Big difference. So, on days like these, it is freezing and blizzarding in the mountains, but warm enough to not be snowing, and may even be sunny down in the Salt lake Valley.

The result is spectacular.

Photo:    Ray Boren

Photo: Ray Boren


The mountains looming above the valley have a straight line across them, as if someone took the mountaintops and dunked them halfway into powdered sugar. Rocky mountain on the bottom, delicious treat on top, its incredible, and very unique.

As I drive home from work, I get to ascend through the mountains. I start below the snow line and slowly creep my way up.

Taken on my way home!

Taken on my way home!


Suddenly, things become more snow kissed.

Taken on my way home

Taken on my way home


By the time I reach Park City, everything around me is shrouded in beautiful white snow. It feels like I am driving through a massive wardrobe, and Narnia is on the other side. It's just AWESOME.

Taken on my way home

Taken on my way home


You may not be a snow person, and that's fine, have fun in Florida or Cuba or wherever you want to go hide. I love this weather, and these mountains all sugar coated and stunning. Find yourself a place that gets you as inspired as the snow capped mountains get me. It's a damn good feeling.

More of a poem than a blog post, but tell me your favorite mountains to travel to down below in a comment.

P.S. Anyone up for more hiking in Northern Italy?

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