I always cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.
— W.C. Fields
Photo courtesy of Ice Age Meals

Photo courtesy of Ice Age Meals

Eating healthy is important. It's what keeps you lean and, generally speaking, alive. But it can be super duper hard. I myself struggle with the healthy eats, in large because the crappy food tastes soooo much better, especially if you have gotten used to eating it.

That being said, healthy eating can consist of more than just raw veggies and bland chicken, right? I searched high and low for a place to find easy to make foods that will keep the taste buds singing, and I stumbled across good ole Nick Massie aka Paleo Nick. Shout out to this cool dude who started small with paleo recipes from his home kitchen, and now he's running Ice Age meals like a champ. He has tons of recipes out there that are nutritious, delicious, and easy to make.

My typical weekend meal prep will consist of some of his bigger recipes. I'll pick one out and give it a try, and then portion out the food into my lunches for the week. I figured I would write about them when I try them, give you my humble review, and post it here so you can try it on your own if you want! I know, very exciting, I eat more than just Croatian pizza!

Stay tuned my friends for my upcoming review on this week's meal!


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