If you are traveling internationally, it's super important to enjoy the tastes of the culture, since you never know when you will be back. This is what makes international travel unique and exciting. That being said, it is also fun to try some things that you are used to, with the international spin of that particular location. As an example, you know what a McDonald's happy meal tastes like in Connecticut, but what does the same menu item taste like in Germany?

croatia pizza review marc young

I had such an exploration in Croatia, as I did many Pizza Reviews throughout that beautiful land. Thing is, Croatia is not known for its pizza, nor should it be. Being a gorgeous coastal country, Croatia is known for many types of sea food and a unique sausage delicacy. In many, many instances, the local delicacy's beat the living crap out of the pizza. In my travels I was able, however, to find some pizza that would, in fact, be worth your time.

croatia pizza review marc young

If you find yourself in Croatia, I recommend trying all the local flavors you can. But if there is a day or an evening when you want something familiar, and you are anywhere near Split, Croatia, look no further than Pizzeria Portas. Located right off the outskirts of the old palace in Split, Pizzeria Portas offers a Neapolitan pizza to die for. Fresh, light, and seasoned to a T, this pizza was the bets I had in the country of Croatia. We all love to travel, but everyone can use a little familiarity once in a while. Pizzeria Portas will do that for you. 

split croatia

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