This story is a sad one, but definitely worth a read if for no other reason than to educate yourself. 14 former members of a CrossFit gym in Missouri have filed a lawsuit against the former owner of their gym. The owner was arrested back in May after it was discovered that he had set up a secret camera in the changing room to film and record gym members changing without their knowledge. The members are seeking more than a million dollars in compensation to attempt and make up for these terrible acts.

Personally, I say ask for more. This is everything that is wrong with the world today. A CrossFit gym, or any place where you go practice wellness for that matter,  should be your haven. A place to unplug from life's stresses, get your sweat on, see some friends, have fun, and embrace your healthy lifestyle. This man has forever taken that from these 14 people. Now in any public facility, be it a gym or otherwise, the must always keep their guard up because their trust has been violated. I can only hope that these folks win this lawsuit, and use some of the money to open up their own space, a space where they have control, and can feel free to relax once again.

Photo courtesy of WXYZ

Photo courtesy of WXYZ

I do think it's important to note that since this man was caught, other owners purchased the gym and have since ensured it is a safe space for all. They have re affiliated under a different name, and are working to repair their sense of community moving forward. My hat goes off to these owners for undertaking such a task. I hope in time they can re-establish, and find acceptance. 

This story was first reported by Jessica Danger at The Morning Chalk Up

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