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<3 is shaped like a pizza slice for a reason.
— Marc Young
Hi, my name is Marc Young and I really   love   pizza

Hi, my name is Marc Young and I really love pizza

If you know me at all, you know I am a man that enjoys pizza. I mean, I really LOVE pizza. I may sound like a 4 year old but WHATEVAH I love it, so much so that I have made a point of reviewing it all over the world. I mean, seriously, check my Instagram here. I literally do pizza reviews around the world when I travel.


Now, some will say that's a silly thing to do. If you are in Italy sure, go for it, it's where pizza was invented right? But if you are in a place not known for pizza, why try it when you can eat what that area is known for?

I say, who cares! You do you Scotty P!!

Believe me, I am a foodie and I make absolutely sure to try the local flavor more than most. Cinque Terre in Italy, for example, is the birthplace of pesto. You best believe I was mowing on some pesto product the day I visited there on our Northern Italy & Switzerland trip (it was OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD, by the by). But why not try the pizza as well! Find some people, share the pie, see what it's like.

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Ya see, I choose to do a service to the world by trying them all, or as many as I can, because pizza places don't become world famous overnight. Who am I to tell some young budding pizza enthusiast that their new pizza place in Turkey or Russia is automatically going to be garbage? How dare I! How dare you! Maybe it's spectacular, and one day the world will know it as such; maybe I am just the first to try it.

My point here is, if you love something, try that something everywhere you go! Just because a culture is known for one product doesn't mean you can't additionally test how they fair with YOUR favorite product. It isn't turning your mind away from the culture, but rather testing differences among the cultures you visit, through a single baseline lens. Don't you let anyone tell you otherwise.

Trust me on that one. Till next time, folks!

~ Marc OUT!

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