Whaddup people?! This is my first of many movie reviews written specifically for all of you, to tell you if a movie is good or bad, and whether or not you should consider giving it a watch it on the plane as it will surely start to appear in the next few months.

These reviews will be segmented into three pieces: The Film, The Plane, and The Verdict.

Without further a due...A Star is Born! (Stop it you, I didn't mean me, that's the movie title! You're too kind...)


The Film:

GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLEY folks this movie was spectacular. Calling it now, oodles and doodles of award nominations coming in hot for this film in a few months time. Lady Gaga is unrecognizable as a girl trying to make it big in this world as a singer. She does an amazing job portraying a vulnerable young woman who comes into her own, and finds who she really is along the way. Gaga throws down a masterful performance in what I believe is her acting debut on the big screen. This is perhaps the best performance I have seen by a female actress this year other than Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place, and Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow. Expect big award nominations coming her way soon.

Her co-star Bradley Cooper gave yet another masterful performance, and perhaps it was even better than Gaga's. Reason being, we all knew Gaga could sing, but young Bradley absolutely rocked my socks off. Rumors are he took years of vocal lessons to prepare, and took a daily guitar lesson for over a year to play well enough to be convincing in this role. And that's not even to mention the amazing acting performance to go along with the music here, as Cooper very convincingly plays an Arizona-born rock star who's fallen on some harder times.

What's even more impressive, Cooper and Gaga actually performed live for every musical scene of this movie. It is something the actors insisted on for authenticity purposes, and it WORKED man, they were incredible and you knew as a viewer you were witnessing an authentic live performance. The story was beautifully told, the directing (Bradley Cooper's first time in the chair) was fantastic, and the way the film was shot was quite unique and worked so well for this movie.

As a stand alone movie this is a must see for anyone who enjoys an incredible heartfelt film. My score for THE FILM: 9.1

Photo: Warner Bros.

Photo: Warner Bros.

The Plane:

Now we turn our angle to the high skies of the world. This movie is an absolute knockout in the cinema, but what about in the sky?

In terms of things being cut from the film to be suitable for the sky, you aren't really in much danger of losing too many things. Yes there are many a slurred F-Bomb in the film, and there is a very quick moment of nudity, but nothing crazy in the slightest and nothing that would ruin the movie if it were removed or changed. This film could be easily edited to be featured on a plane suitable for almost all audiences in a way many films would falter.

Ambiance on a plane is one you need to worry about. This is a very serious film, and one that as a viewer you want to fall into instantly. When I was watching, I swear I was transported onto the stage with these two, I was no longer in my seat. The sound envelopes you, the moments of dramatic quiet grip you, and the explosive moments of music and/or emotion send you soaring through a race of emotions. I won't lie, I question if this effect would be the same in the middle of a noisy airplane. ESPECIALLY if you begin watching near takeoff and have constant interactions with the flight attendants, and the captain breaking into the movie for weather updates and such. That would be a major buzzkill, and could ruin some big moments for you as you fall into the film.

Can this still be a good movie when airborne? Yes, but in the right timing and the right surroundings. My score for watching this on THE PLANE: 7.9

Photo: Warner Bros.

Photo: Warner Bros.

The Verdict:

So I gave you my thoughts about the movie on the plane, and off of it in the theater. My general thoughts and final verdict about A Star Is Born is simple. The movie is almost TOO GOOD for the plane. I would hate to send you to the skies only for your viewing pleasure to be interrupted. In the same breath, I think it’s too good a movie to ignore if you have not seen it yet. This movie would be perfect for the traveler who is on a red eye when the plane is quiet and you can really give yourself to the film.


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