You never win with violence. You only win when you maintain your dignity.
— Don Shirley

Kind of a different approach today, as this is a documentary rather than your typical blockbuster. Regardless of technicalities, I saw it in theaters and so it shall be on the plane eventually! 

This movie was one of the best I have seen all year. Not THE best, but definitely in the top 5, if not the top 3. The movie tells a true story of an African American pianist based out of NYC in the 1960's who decides to do a concert tour of the deep south. The pianist, played by Mahershala Ali, hires a rough and tough driver, played by Viggo Mortensen, to assist him on his journey. 

The story in this movie is both heart wrenching, and heart warming. This is one of those movies that makes you FEEL something. It is really, really well done. It's also no surprise to me that Viggo and Ali are both nominated for Golden Globes for their roles. They both absolutely killed it, and I for sure anticipate  them being nominated for the big O's in a few months time.

A true story with incredible actors conveying a heartfelt message is everything I need from a movie. I laughed, my wife cried, and we left the theater with beaming smiles. My rating for THE FILM: 9.1


Whether or not you should watch this movie on the plane depends entirely on the kind of movie watcher you are. I have never cried during a movie, but the same can not be said for my wife, for example. If you are a crier, this movie is a hard pass in flight. If you are able to keep it together, then this could be a great option to pass the time. There are moments that will make you laugh, but not roar in an embarrassing way, and there are moments that will be emotional for sure. 

Similarly to A Star is Born, I would recommend watching this on a flight either overnight, or really early or really late; a time when the kiddos are sleeping and distraction is not abundant would be ideal. On a super noisy plane this movie isn't ideal because you do want to get invested in it, but it's not to the point where a noisy plane would ruin it completely.

In closing, this movie isn't perfect for the plane, but it isn't a terrible option either. Since a crier probably shouldn't watch, it is losing some points. My score for THE PLANE: 6.3

This movie is one of my favorites of the year. I already can't wait to see it again, and I will be buying it the day it comes out. Great acting, emotional moments, and a nice chuckle throughout makes this a must see, but be smart if you choose to watch this in the sky. THE VERDICT: 7.7

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