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— Vince Lombardi

Out of NOWHERE, Rogue has snagged the 15th announced CrossFit sanctioned event. This story, courtesy of Justin LoFranco, is staggering news for the CrossFit community.

The event will be called The Rogue Invitational, and it already sounds like it will be a star-studded competition. Rogue plans to have a field of 20 men, 20 women, and 10 teams competing at their headquarters on May 18th-19th, 2019. The kicker here, Rogue is basically handpicking the field. The top 10 men and women from the Games will each receive an invite to this competition. From there, Rogue will hand pick a few more competitors from the previous Games season, and allow a small final number to compete in an online qualifier. 

Courtesy of Rouge Fitness

Courtesy of Rouge Fitness

I absolutely love this. This is gonna be one of the biggest competitions for sure, and it is going to be a must watch with all the talent involved here. With this event being so late in qualification season, there is also a good chance we will see one or two desperate superstars fighting tooth and nail at one of their last chances to qualify. I also like how Rogue has reserved the right to include a handful of athletes that were not top at the games. This allows Rogue to work around some issues, for example, a year when a Kara Saunders or an Iceland Annie goes down with an injury, she can still receive an invite. 

With so many big-name competitions out their worldwide, this one was the biggest shocker for me so far. This leaves one single event left to be sanctioned and released. Stay tuned to discover what that will look like, and where we go from here!

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