By: Marc Young

If you haven't read Part 1, don't be a dummy, go read it or this won't seem to make much sense. If you are late to the game, watch this.

Guys (and ladies), I am SO EXCITED about all of these changes. I liked it from the start, and my anticipation has only grown.

But first, let's get this out of the way: My allegiance to the games is that of a fan, and as a friend only. I don't compete in the Open, I have retired, so for me they could get rid of the Open all together and I personally wouldn't care. Know that this is written from someone with my viewpoint on the matter. I am no competitor nor do I want to be. I am simply a huge fan of the sport of CrossFit.

Courtesy of The CrossFit Games

Courtesy of The CrossFit Games

So anyyyyyywho, this is so sick. I heard about this and instantly thought HOLYYYY MONKEYS WE HAVE A SEASON. Just like football, who has a 16 game regular season preceded by preseason and ending with playoffs, the Games now has a true season. I think that's so awesome as a fan.

Now, instead of waiting all year long to see the best compete two weekends a year, we get to see a field of the fittest on earth throw down SIXTEEN TIMES just trying to qualify! That's gonna be every 2-3 weeks. I actually think these events may steal the show as the most entertaining part of the season, even compared to the Games.

I also would like to say that although I did not put it down in writing, the SECOND this news dropped I called it to friends and family that the field at the Games would get shaved down for entertainment's sake, weeks before Greggyboy announced that little gem of a detail.

I think that's awesome as well. Everyone who qualifies has a shot, even if you're from the middle of nowhere. But as a fan, I don't have to sit there and watch people who have no real chance at glory out there getting embarrassed. It's the best of both worlds.

I do think, on a more serious note, this is a good wake up call for a lot of people as well (see the portion where I have no interest in being a competitor). I have witnessed TONS AND TONS of folks in our community dedicate way too much time to their fitness, because they kinda wanna be good at fitness. These people set a goal of making it to regionals, not the games.

Photo courtesy of: The CrossFit Games & Morning Chalk Up

Photo courtesy of: The CrossFit Games & Morning Chalk Up

Now don't get me wrong, set a goal and go for it it's your life. I just know and have met so many people who define their entire life by what they can do in the gym, when  they are missing out on applying that fitness in fun ways outside of the gym.

Photo courtesy of: CrossFit Inc.

Photo courtesy of: CrossFit Inc.

Never forget the pyramid folks. We are building up towards the top, learn and play new sports. Greg saw so many people getting obsessed with being semi-super fit, it isn't what he wanted his program to lead to, so he cut it off at the source. Ruthless, but will be great for a lot of people's lives in the end.

So in summation, I am so pumped as a fan, I am understanding and pleased as a concerned citizen of the community, and I also have a ridiculous theory that proves Greg Glassman is an evil genius.

But that's a different story for a different blog.

Teaser much?

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