Europe is the place that pops a lot of people's international cherries, so to speak. Other than Canada or Mexico, most people have dreams fo going to Rome, or Paris, or Barcelona, or even Ireland. Europe, especially western Europe, is a hot spot for people to go and jump around a bit. If you are one of these travels headed to Europe the first time, here are three things to keep in mind before planning your trip.

1. Countries Are Small

This is not the US of A folks. In fact, Europe as a whole is way smaller than our big beautiful diverse country. If you are already biting the bullet on the price of a flight to Europe, don't think you need to be tied to one country. You can very easily experience one country over a few days and then head onto another one, two, or even three countries. Which leads me to my next point...

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2. Trains Are Everywhere

Trains are the primary mode of cross country, as well as cross Europe travel. Tickets are relatively cheap, and there are trains from major stations going all over Europe. If you are in Italy, you can hop to France, Switzerland, or Austria in a matter of hours. Tickets vary in price based on the speed of the train, but try to take a fast train, they are kind of cool, really nice, and super fast.

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3. There Are Many English Speakers

Many of the countries in western Europe are well educated, and they do a great job of teaching their people English. I wouldn't worry about not knowing the native language; it's nice to make an effort, but you will find many people who speak your native tongue. In fact, many of the signs in western Europe are in both the local language, as well as English.

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