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Why You Can (And Should) Scale Pull Ups: The METCON Version

Too often, I've seen people press the 'RX' button on Wodify simply for pride points...but should they really? Not shaming people here. but there's NOTHING wrong with scaling pull-ups. In fact, as a coach, I'd rather see people scale them and do them correctly, versus struggling or half-assing the RX version of what's prescribed. Here's our latest blog on why you should scale pull-ups during a metcon. By: Marc Young

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Nerves & Excitement: How I Know I’m Ready To See Europe

From marriage to international travel...why I'm excited to exit my comfort zone and head to Europe with VoyEdge RX. Box drop-ins, outdoor wod's, hiking and more. This is the Northern Italy + Switzerland trip I've always dreamed of...- Marc Young

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