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An Intro To Our Marketing Director, Lauren Metcalfe

Nobody likes writing about themselves from an outside I asked Lauren to do an autobiography about her storied CrossFit career, injury list, and how she overcame a plethora of illnesses to win this year's 2016 Crush Games down in Miami, FL. Read more about her here - and why she's our, Marketing Director here at Voyedge RX. 

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Cam's #WODofTheWEEK 10.17.2016

Cam's pick for the #WODoftheWEEK....see why he hates overhead squats (it's because he's lanky) and what he does to overcome what he's worst at...sometimes you come across a WOD that kicks your ass - and other times you know it's going to be a grind. This time, it was both. Read more....

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