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Travel Tuesday: Get Blown Away in Bolzano!

Bolzano, Italy is one of those places that may not land on your "bucket list," but once you go there, you'll remember it forever. Influenced by the powers of the former Ottoman Empire, it's a confluence of Italian culture and German architecture nestled in the mountains. See why it's the city we're looking forward to going to the most on our 'Northern Italy + Switzerland' trip. 

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Nerves & Excitement: How I Know I’m Ready To See Europe

From marriage to international travel...why I'm excited to exit my comfort zone and head to Europe with VoyEdge RX. Box drop-ins, outdoor wod's, hiking and more. This is the Northern Italy + Switzerland trip I've always dreamed of...- Marc Young

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Scoping 'The Great Northeast.' Part 1

We're halfway through our 'Great Northeast' trip and Meg, Cam and Tim are having a blast. See some of the WOD's places, shops and more they're scouting for our trip next year. Huge shoutout to CrossFit Portsmouth, CrossFit Beacon and CrossFit 802 for agreeing to host us all! Read more...

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Chasing Trails and Waterfalls in the White Mountains of NH -

In anticipation of our VoyEdgeRX's upcoming The Great Northeast trip, New England's dramatic reveal of her annual fall foliage, and some quality trail time with a buddy of mine, I finished coaching earlier than usual. I packed a light bag with day hike essentials, and made the mad dash to meet Andrew, who drove us north about two and half hours up to the town of Jefferson, NH.

The Destination? 
Zealand Falls, and the Zeacliff Outlook in The White Mountain National Forest, NH

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