Why Travel Is So Important

I'll keep it short and sweet here, but now that our website is live - and we have several trips up, I wanted to take a few good minutes here and explain what I think is so crucial about travel. 

I was lucky enough to spend a few years abroad after college and it completely changed who I was. Before that, I had been to Japan when I was 17 to do a three week homestay, so I have some travel experience under my belt, but I knew the clock was ticking before I'd be on my way home. Kinda different than living on your own in a different country. 

My time in Italy (working for EuroAdventures) was full of partying, traveling, guerilla marketing, networking with bars, restaurants, shop owners, and of course escorting study abroad students on weekend excursions. 

It was a damn good time. But surely not sustainable. Drinking and partying 5-6 nights a week, plus spending roughly 10-20 hours on a coach bus each week began to take its toll. 

This was the weekly office view at EuroAdventures. Not a bad life at all. 

After the first initial 'Ahhh my god! I'm LIVING here in Italy!' moments passed, I began to crave a healthier, quieter lifestyle. While choosing to party less and lift more when I was abroad, that's then the beauty and allure of what I was doing actually came about. I spent more time in museums, went to attractions and became enamored with the nooks and crannies of adventure travel. It was a beautiful thing. 

When I look back to what I was doing - sure. It was friggen' awesome. We had a TON of good times (that's where I met Tony and Tim - In Europe at EuroAdventures) whether it was in Prague, Croatia, Budapest, Paris, Athens, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Florence or Nice...the people made all the difference. Yes, it was the places...but traveling has a way of opening our eyes to things we never thought possible or expected. 

It was the little moments, like overlooking Budapest, Hungary that were the most enlightening.

Coincidentally, it's that last phrase to which I feel Americans are most scared about. Travel brings the unknown. And what American's don't know - scares them. Part of the plight of opening a travel company is the prospect of having no clients - something I know we'll cross at some point (I'm sitting here writing this with zero clients right now) but I have full confidence and enthusiasm for what we're doing with CrossFit + Adventure Travel. 

VoyEdge RX means more than just working out and traveling with strangers. We're in the business of forging an adventurous lifestyle. You don't need to do CrossFit to be on our trips and it's ok to be scared to sign up for something you're terrified of doing - whether it's traveling or skydiving, our aim is to get you out of your comfort zone and on the 'Edge' of life. 

Trust us, the view is better there anyway. 

Seriously hope to see you on some trips at some point! :) 

P.S. PROST! It's Oktoberfest and I'm so jealous of my friends there right now. Good times. Can't wait to get back. 

Drop me a line at: Cam@VoyEdgeRX.com to ask any questions! And don't forget to check out our trips below!

P.P.S. Also, here's a good article that compliments what I'm talking about above. 

Throwback to me and 'Lenny' in Munich, Germany a few years back. Good times Lenny, wish you spoke better English! 

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