Take A Chance, Empty The Tank.

Hey all!!

Well here goes the initial blog post of Tony Beringer. Now what to talk about huh? Nice to meet you by the way...

My heart says to get a little personal on this one for plenty of reasons but I won’t bore you with too much of that. I will just hop right into it as I do get a bit long winded when writing. This will be a numbered list and my goal is to keep it short, funny, and informative of not only what I want to accomplish as a co-founder of the company VoyEdge RX but also what I hope to accomplish as a person in the near and much distant future. Strap in as this could possibly be a riveting experience.

1.     Why? Oh Why?! – In what seems like a previous life, I was fortunate to be able to scour Europe for a couple years. Every mile on my legs, every kilometer the bus churned over, every cramped airline seat was worth it in so many ways but to me it all comes down to one. THE PEOPLE. I met the most incredible people in the world and they left a huge impact on my life and while I never will be able to repay them I figure going on this endeavor is a start. So how does this pay them back? And why do this? That can be summed up easily. I feel I have a duty to meet more people and do all I can as a person to continue to create memories for them through the avenues of travel and fitness.

2.     “Empty the tank” – A badass way to say keep pushing. Life, much like workouts, will hurt every now and then so my personal feeling is to empty the tank. Put all you have left into a situation and even though you will collapse at the end and it will hurt to breathe (Fran/15.5/16.5) you will feel better about yourself a mere five minutes after you finish. Ok sometimes it might be more than five minutes but the point is to keep building and learning to push further than you thought you could. Understatement of the century coming up: The journey of starting VoyEdge RX had been a huge learning experience and emptying the tank has come in handy plenty of times.

3.     My favorite movie is ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘This is Spinal Tap’. Favorite bands are Metallica, Iron Maiden and Queen. Always down for Motley Crue. Love my dog. Family is super. Uhhhhh yellow tops my list of colors. Got those out of the way.

So I suppose I should shut it down for now. My goal was to hopefully give a little insight into the brain of one of them members of this amazing team we have assembled here at VoyEdge RX. When I write in the future some posts will be longer, some shorter. Some serious, some loaded with jokes. Some happy, some happier. For now I hope you enjoyed this first post and we will talk soon!

“Like a midget at a urinal, stay on your toes.” – Lt. Frank Dreben


Tony Beringer Co-Founder of VoyEdge RX // Email: tony@voyedgerx.com



P.S. I'll leave you with a little more Frank Dreben