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Push through those burpees with your best friends next to you. Photo credit:  Full Range CrossFit  in Providence, Rhode Island

Push through those burpees with your best friends next to you. Photo credit: Full Range CrossFit in Providence, Rhode Island

12 Days of Christmas WOD

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WOD credit: Full Range CrossFit & CrossFit Invictus


*This workout is to be performed in the style of “The 12 Days of Christmas:”

1 – 100 Meter Run or 25 Double Unders
2 – Power Cleans (135/95 lb.)
3 – Ring Dips or Bench Dips
4 – Jumping Lunges
5 – Burpees
6 – Toes to Bar or Abmat Situps
7 – Push-ups
8 – Box Jumps
9 – Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg)
10 – Pull-ups
11 – Front Squats (135/95 lb.)
12 – Shoulder to Overhead (135/95 lb.)

*Special thanks to Invictus for inspiring our annual Christmas workout! Compare your results to last year, if you were lucky enough to have done it!

Welcome back to our Workout of the Week posts! This one is a special workout I just did this morning at Full Range CrossFit in Providence, Rhode Island. Go visit them if you ever get the chance! They have an AMAZING space, awesome coaches and a very talented community.

Anyway, let’s talk about this workout real quick….everyone has a 12 Days of Christmas workout and EACH of them are special. This one, however, completely kicked my ass….after a full day of tailgating at the Patriots game, I thought I could waltz into an open gym and maybe squat, bike, do some pull-ups and sweat a bit out of the booze out from yesterday.


Coach Cooper immediately roped me into doing their programmed 12 Days of Christmas workout, and I am SO glad he did. I needed it. Despite me lagging a few good minutes behind him towards the end. The front squats and shoulder to overhead at the end of this workout SMOKED me. And DAMN, those double unders really began to add up after a while.

Either way, these 12 Days of Christmas workouts are ingenious. So many reps, an uphill battle, a mental grind, a sweat-inducing workout, all right before the holidays. Push through this one (or whatever one you did) and go soak in the fun with your families after it’s all said and done.

Big shoutout to Full Range CrossFit, and go visit them if you’re ever down in Providence, Rhode Island. Info down below. Let me know what you think of the workout down below in a comment.

Full Range CrossFit

Full Range CrossFit

Full Range Crossfit
859 North Main Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02906

EMAIL: adam@fullrangecrossfit.com

CONTACT NUMBER: 401-450-9264

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