#WorkoutoftheWeek 12.17.2018

None of us can know what we are capable of until we are tested.
— Elizabeth Blackwell / 1800's British Physician
CrossFit 207 in Sanford, Maine

CrossFit 207 in Sanford, Maine

Welcome back to the #WorkoutoftheWeek series where each week we share a workout from our growing community of athletes, boxes and from personal experience.

Whether it is a workout we performed on a trip while dropping in, or something special our personal coaches cooked up for our community, we want to immortalize them in these blogs and share them with you all out there on the internet. There’s never a lack of quality programming out there, so be sure to submit your workouts to us as often as you’d like!

Help us and the other members of this community by sharing your workout with us and sending it to: staff@voyedgerx.com so we can get it on the blog and give you and your box a shout out.

Let’s get to this week’s workout from CrossFit 207 in Sanford, Maine. Who always have something designed to be brutal and memorable.

Let’s get to it! Go drop in there if you’re ever up in Southern Maine.

The Workout

Submitted by: Lance Brown of CrossFit 207

For Time:

60 Burpees to a Target

50 Chest to Bar

40 Toes to Bar

30 Handstand Push Ups

20 Power Clean & Jerks (165/115)

10 Bar Muscle Ups

(18 Minute Cap)

Well…..what can we say here? Told you that the Maine-iacs (see what I did there?) at CrossFit 207 have a knack for pain? I’ve known these masochists for a long time, and besides putting on the biggest CrossFit-related event in Maine every summer, they have a serious appetite for some brutal workouts.

At least the workout counts down in reps and not back up. Either way, those 60 burpees to a target are going to take the wind out of your sails with a whole lot of other work to do in the remaining 12 or so minutes you’ll have left. The rest seems prey straightforward if you’ve been doing CrossFit for a whlle, if not, or you need to scale, do so with banded push-ups, knees to elbow, regular push-ups (or knee push-ups), clean and jerks at a lower weight and strict pull-ups.

Either way, genius programming from our friends at CrossFit 207, and let us know what you think of this workout down in a comment below the blog.

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Need some help with bar muscle-ups, too? Lance has you covered. Follow him @LanceBrown207

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