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Get to Know Your Guides

Costa Rica is just two weeks out! Get to know the wild bunch leading this tour into some even wilder places. Get to know Nolan and Ashley! 

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Introducing Our Newest Team Member...Nolan Thompson

Introducing our newest team member and videographer, Nolan Thompson. Nolan is an avid reader, writer and is heading out to Africa for the next 3 weeks to scout a future Africa itinerary. Follow his adventures and watch his video blog below to find out more about him!

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Not The Placement, But The Place

I had a blast last year at Wodapalooza 2016, and looking back, it not only changed my CrossFit career, but how I tackle personal goals as well. Here's a bit of insight on having fun, being in the moment and enjoying the place, not the placement. Shout out to qualifying at #74 out of #75 and finishing in 15th! 

By: Ashley Studer

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Make 2017 The Year YOU Change For Good.

"The best car in the world can't get you anywhere if you don't know where you want to be," A year ago, I faced the very same predicament. I didn't know where I wanted to be, and it was only those who were close to me that helped me discover exactly where it was I needed to be. Read Cam King 

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