Get to Know Your Guides

Wild Places Demand a Wild Crew. Have you ever thought what color Crayola Crayon you would be or what would happen if Chipotle just went away? These two have!  

Get to Know Nolan


It is my pleasure to present to you... dun, dun, dun! Nolan Thompson! A poetic guy who is eager to learn, see, and experience as much as he can about anything and everything, and is always down to see some animals. He is full of passion and life. When having a conversation with Nolan, you'll often find yourself lost and captured by his words, stories, and genuine love and thought for everything he has to share. I like to think of Nolan as VoyEdgeRX's very own Renaissance Man. 

He is most at home outdoors; under the stars, around a campfire, preferably in South Africa where he just spent quite a bit of time. Don't doubt for a moment though that Nolan is quiet and reserved, he loves Always Sunny in Philadelphia and a guilty pleasure movie of his is Superbad. Nolan is a fellow Crossfit coach who is interested in health and mindfulness, which is the perfect combination for our trip to Costa Rica. I couldn't be more pumped to do some yoga, work out on the beach, see some monkeys, sleep under the stars and most importantly: lead this trip with him!

- Ashley Studer 

Nolan Fun Facts:

  • Has a habit of repeatedly rewatching shows on Netlfix
  • If he was a Crayola Crayon he would be Midnight Blue 
  • He is a total book worm
  • Hosted his very own late night talk show for three seasons 

Getting to Know Ashley 


Alright, lets talk about Ashley. Anyone who has known Ashley for even just a second knows they made a friend for life. Just read above. She's wonderful. With boundless enthusiasm she is both warm and welcoming. Everyone is an old friend, you just don’t know each other yet. Just wait until you meet her. Then you’ll know for sure. Her favorite flower is the sunflower and I totally get it. They're both blonde AND like a sunflower, Ashley's compassion seems to grow through each interaction towards what she loves most, the sunny side of life. 

Wherever you are in the world, Ashley brings with her a little piece of home for all those around her. She’s your local coach, your best friend and sometimes … when you need it … the mom you need to keep you out of trouble. Whether its marching down Bourbon Street or exploring the rooftops of Florence, Ashley is most at home out in the world. Her passion for fitness and travel makes her an incredible lead, and I am so stoked to explore Costa Rica with her. 

- Nolan Thompson

Ashley Fun Facts:

  • She's a triplet
  • Is dependent on the existence of Chipotle and Ice Cream
  • Her favorite movies are Good Will Hunting and Toy Story  
  • She has the BEST awful jokes


If you have any questions or simply want to connect with either one of us email Ashley at or to pick Nolan's thoughts email Check out whats in store for 2018, both of us cannot wait to see you on one of our future adventures!