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The workout so good, you'll do it everyday for a month

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Our friends at Fittest Travel are always blogging about how to stay fit while traveling and even if you aren't close to a gym, chances are you're in the perfect place to work out, and you may not have even known it. 

And that's what Fittest Travel is here for. They're a lifestyle company for athletes who love to travel and need to get their workouts in everyday, everywhere. Chris has put so much thought-leadership into staying fit while traveling and we're going to be showcasing some of his travel WOD's every Friday right here on the VoyEdge RX blog, so stay tuned and keep reading more about Chris and Fittest Travel! Go to their site too and buy a T-shirt! 

Chris Castellano is a US Army Vet and firefighter in NYC and runs the blog and has been a close friend and acquaintance for us at VoyEdge RX. We're always tweeting back and forth, and just want the same end goal. For people to stay fit & TRAVEL! 

Chris has been all around the world, and runs a KILLER Instagram, as well as twitter page. Anyway, he will be bringing us a new travel WOD each and every Friday, as you prepare to go out into the world and conquer all in your path.

Below the workout is a bit more about this workout and on Fittest Travel. 



  • 100 PUSH-UPS

  • 100 SQUATS

  • 100 SIT-UPS


From Chris at Fittest Travel: 

There are a couple of key things to remember here. This workout, while simple, contains a high number of repetitions. Those with higher levels of fitness may not have a hard time doing all 100 reps in one shot for each exercise. Most people would be better off partitioning the reps of each exercise. There are countless ways you can do this, as long as you hit all 100 reps for each movement. 

Why I Did This Workout Everyday For a Month and What Happened

Let me start by saying that I enjoy my strength training with weights in addition to bodyweight workouts. I also was not traveling when I did this. However, I enjoy experimenting on myself in the name of fitness and I love this workout so I figured why not? I was also curious to see what effect the high number of repetitions on a daily basis would have on my strength and endurance. To measure my strength at the beginning and end, I tested my 1 rep max (RM) on the bench press. To test my endurance, I timed my mile and a half run. I started this experiment on the 2nd of November and ended on December 2, 2016. I did the workout every day and partitioned the repetitions in one of the three ways I outlined above every time I did the workout. 

The Stats

First Workout Time: 12:23

Last Workout Time: 8:13

Bench Press 1RM on 11/2: 245

Bench Press 1RM on 12/2: 260

Mile and Half Run on 11/28: 9:34

Mile and Half Run on 12/3: 9:29

As you can see, there was an improvement in every area. Not bad at all, especially when you consider again the simplicity of this workout. While I did this workout every day, it is advisable to rest every third or fourth day. I experienced some minor soreness on days 2 and 3 but nothing after that. By the end of the month, there was significant improvement in my form on all three exercises and I was far less tired afterwards.

The Bottom Line

Consistency and simplicity are most important. Stick to your routine. Hold yourself accountable. Create triggers during your busy day that will remind you to do your workout. This can be done by putting it in your calendar, setting reminders or by doing the workout at the same time every day. It's about whatever works best for you. 

For more ideas and inquiries, email chris at:

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