Can you say....first blog ever?

I guess you can say I'm shooting from the hip on this one....

What was once a concept between two travel buddies about trying to figure out why the hell there wasn't a true travel company that combined CrossFit and Adventure travel out there, has now come full circle into actually existing...albeit, neither of us are CrossFit 'Games' athletes, but dammit we love to lift, and we love to travel, so we decided to find a few close friends and make this shit happen. 

Now, the six of us (Tony, Cam, Seong, Meghan, Tim and myself) have  put our nose to the grindstone and are actively trying to make this a full-time project. We know there are others out there who seek to live a healthy, active and adventurous lifestyle and that's why we've crafted VoyEdge RX to the best of our abilities (thus far). 

Despite our website still being under construction (I'll take the heat for that) I wanted to get a first post written down, put out there for the world to see because I truly believe in what we're doing here. Travel allows us to see outside of our comfort zone as soon as we step off a plane. And similarly, when you're laying on the floor after a WOD (workout of the day) with your chest pounding and sweat beading out of you like a train through a pigeon, that moment of realization is so surreal...and it's these two feelings I want our customers to experience on our trips. 

Our goal is not to punish people through CrossFit classes in foreign gyms...our goal (at least mine) is to introduce strangers with likeminded interests and forge unknown experiences together through VoyEdge RX. I want people to meet people. I want people to sweat next to strangers, laugh with them, drink with them, get to know foreign places like the locals and abide by their traditions. I do not want our customers to be 'tourists' I want them to be adventurers and leap outside their comfort zone to find a new self identity. 

VoyEdge RX started out with the word 'Voyage' which means - "a long journey involving travel by air, sea of space. " And also the word 'Edge' which means - "the outside limit of an object, area, surface, or place." And by combining the two words, we came up with the word, 'VoyEdge' which we believe to be, 'The journey outside of one's comfort zone.

The 'RX' portion obviously means 'as prescribed,' to which VoyEdge RX full stands for 'The journey outside of one's comfort zone is prescribed.' 

It's a concept my Co-founders and myself truly believe in. We aren't in this to commoditize anything, we're not in this to become millionaires. We're simply a vagabond fringe group who believe in the fine arts of the human body, especially those which involve fast, intensive ones and adventure travel. We like meeting new people, we like coaching CrossFit, we like helping others explore, and through our collective backgrounds, we feel delighted and excited to be bringing our company to the public's eye. 

We sincerely hope you'll give us a shot and come on a trip. You DO NOT have to be a CrossFit trained athlete to do so. In fact, we encourage you to join us especially if you're not a CrossFit athlete. We want you to challenge yourself (don't worry CrossFit athletes, you'll be getting plenty of attention and motivation from our coaches on our trips) and find those personal limits and then break through them. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas, please contact me at any point in time. I'm all ears....stay tuned for more. 

- Cam King // cam@voyedgeRX.com // 617-866-9573

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