You can now take an Uber boat in Croatia

As if the Croatia coastline wasn't alluring and leisurely enough, you can now take an Uber Boat anywhere from Split, Hvar or Dubrovnik. 

The launch program actually began last summer on June 30, 2017 as a pilot program, but due to the massive success of it, Uber has decided to keep the service going full-time. And if you've ever wanted to charter a private boat on-demand, this is the perfect opportunity to do it. 

Watch their launch video down below. 

How It Works: 

In case you've been living under a rock, and do not know how Uber currently works across the globe, Uber is a location-based app that makes hiring an on-demand private driver...easy. For riders - Uber is a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service. ... for drivers - Uber provides exceptional pay, allows you to be your own boss, and even receive tips.

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Basically, it is a phone app where you can have someone pick you up and drop you off at a precise location that will tell you exactly how much you are paying ahead of time. You also first connect your credit card to it so you never have to make a transaction while ordering a ride. Pretty rad. 

Now, in terms of their boat program, things can be a little different...and WAY more expensive. UberBOAT, as it is called, will serve the country's most popular tourist attractions from the towns of Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik, allowing people to request only two different types of speedboats on-demand. And surprisingly, Croatia seems to be the perfect fit for this program after Uber tried to launch similar services in places like Boston, Miami and Istanbul, even though they only lasted for a limited time. 

Croatia, especially the port towns of Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik, are meant to be full-time on-demand services for Uber and be readily available year-round. The program initially started from a lack of available boat charters for tourists, who then suggested to Uber that there was a massive demand here. For tourists, besides only being able to negotiate in English, and never knowing what to expect for a price, they were left feeling neglected, but no longer have to worry about sailing around the Dalmatian Coast thanks to Uber. Not to mention the language barrier has been completely smashed, thanks to Uber being available in more than 200 different languages.....


UberBOAT is available in two different services. The first: Transfers, which brings people from the mainland to any island, or from island to island, usually runs for about $450 per ride. Or, Boat Trip, which allows users of the app to book a private boat tour for as long as they wish, with the price depending on the stops and number of hours booked. 

All you have to do to use either service is enter the destination (or island name) and then select BOAT or TRANSFER option. At that point, you are directed to a nearby pickup point with a time estimate to meet your captain, who is also required to provide life jackets and bottled water for the group. 

The only caveat is you can only bring a maximum of 8 people per trip. But, can still split the costs with Uber's 'Split Fare,' option. 

And if you're dying to see what an estimate looks like, use the Uber Fare estimator to see how much it'll cost you to charter your own private trip through Croatia. 

Ready to set sail in Croatia?

Ready to set sail in Croatia?


As cool as this program is, it looks damn expensive! We used the Uber fare estimator while on the trip to see how much it would be to go from the port town of Split to Dubrovnik and it was almost $1,500! And you could only take up to 8, as cool as it would be to go and do this type of thing, keep in mind, it ain't cheap! 

Now, if you are in Croatia and have a few bucks to spare, why wouldn't you use the Uber app and take the trip of a lifetime? Like all things, the costs eventually come down. And in terms of ease and convenience - Uber is second to none. This sort of thing does give people the opportunity to make money, and increase efficiency and tourism in one of our favorite countries ever....

So, go on....maybe do it once. Maybe do it twice. And if you're traveling with a crew in Croatia, split it and have the adventure of a lifetime. You deserve it after all, don't you?

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There's nothing like sailing around in Split, Croatia...

There's nothing like sailing around in Split, Croatia...

Let us know what you think about this crazy UberBOAT program, and if you have done it, leave us a comment down below and let us know what you thought of it! 

P.S. Think UberBOAT is crazy? They are launching UberCOPTER in the French Riviera, too. We'll be sure to blog about it when we are able. For now, check it out here. 

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