Tony's Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Croatia

Our goal at VoyEdge is to craft adventurous trips for athletes - yes, but to also write, promote and inspire you to travel beyond your wildest dreams. And through our blogs and other content, I seriously hope you get the itch to jump out out of your chair, put down that phone and get out there and do something you've always dreamed of.  

The point of many of our blogs is not to just to write about fitness & travel, but also to expand your mind about going new places, trying new things and becoming the best possible version of yourself down the road. 

And regardless of where you've been in the past, it's always where you're going that you should look forward to most. And that's probably a pretty good segway (and just the tip of the iceberg) of why you NEED to seriously look at Croatia being the next major destination you travel to. 

Also, Game of Throne's tour, anyone?

Travel is one of the most important things you can do in the whole world, simply because the world teaches us a little something about ourselves when we go somewhere new. Often times, creating a better version of ourselves than when we arrived. It's that awesome feeling when you board a plane, or when you finally arrive and step outside the airport to take in that breath of fresh, foreign air. Travel changes us. 

The point of travel is nearly synonymous with working out. You do it to get a better version of yourself. To experience new things, break old habits, and forge a new 'you.' And that's ultimately what we're all about at VoyEdge RX. 

Now, let's get chatting about Croatia, shall we?

Now, as inspirational as I'd like to be on our journey through this write up, I'll spare the mantra of our company and promise to solely focus on the unknown beauty of Croatia. Of course, there will be a touch of information on the times, as I've been to a number of these places and I can promise you - the sheer beauty of Croatia is unmatched. 

Anyways, I'll try to distract you with some shiny objects and pictures to keep your interest peaked while I list out the VRX team’s favorites about our next hot destination. 

Now, let's tap into a few of the biggies here. There's obviously a lot more reasons why you need to go to Croatia, but here's my Top 5. 

1. Landscapes to Buildings

So I will start off with a personal observation. The first time I checked out the landscape off Croatia while rumbling down the road in the countryside, I noticed that the landscape was dotted with rocks and patches of tall blowing grasses. When we finally arrived in the town of Split, I noticed how those same rocks seemed to be the make-up of the buildings and structures that gave up Diocletian’s Palace. This fascinated me and made it feel like I was back in a time where houses were made with the materials that were readily available. On the prairies, they used mud and straw, in the jungle they used wood and vines, in the Arctic they created igloos, and here they have rocks. You appreciate the time, effort and work that people (most likely slaves) put into build such amazing places that have withstood the test of wars and time for us to enjoy. 

Not only that, but nearly EVERY town on the Adriatic Sea is practically forged with the white marble obviously mined from nearby quarries. The timlessness is chaotic, and leaves you in a daze at just how these buildings have managed to stand the test of time. Again, a picture doesn't nearly do it justice. 

2. Croatia has The Bluest Water You've Ever Seen

No matter where you've been, you probably remember seeing some of the bluest water you've ever seen. If that's the Caribbean, San Diego, or a reservoir in the middle of Kentucky then I am sure it sticks out in some way.

For me what stands out is the coast and islands of Croatia as the bluest water. With the beaches being as pristine as they are, and some with rocks, it creates a stark contrast for

Again, the coast of Croatia is nearly indescribable. The crystal clear blue waters are not only warm, but you can constantly see the fish swimming beneath your feet, leaving you in a constant state of awe. 

3. The Croats

Whenever you travel, the main thing you think of before the trip is the places you will see and some experiences that you will take part in.  Sometimes you don't know what to expect. Or even where to go.

All you know is that you're going to be somewhere foreign. Doing wild things, seeing stuff you never would have otherwise, and it has a way of relaxing us. Encourages each and every one of us to let down our guard and take in the unknown....

What doesn’t enter your mind is the people that you might meet along the way. Every Croatian citizen that I have run into has been very helpful, kind and a pleasure to talk to. That may be due to the reason they've got such a dark past and simply haven't been as well connected as the rest of us, but when you go to Croatia, you'll be oddly welcomed wherever you go - and it's a glorious feeling. You won't be king, but you won't just be a passerby either. It's tough to explain. You're just going to have to see for yourself :)

It's also important to take in the things around you, and the best way to do that is by talking with locals about the area. Maybe they tell you about a sweet bar, or a cool place to go fishing, or just simply catch a sunset in a special place. Get to know some Croatians, they will be happy to give you some advice! 

The short and sweet of it is, Croatia is constantly being discovered each and everyday. And no matter who you talk to, where you go, or what you see, it's always the people that make a place, and not the other way around. And that's something I've learned after years of traveling. It's the people that forge the memories, not the sunset, or cliffs you're standing on. Think about it...

4. Food and Drinks

Being a country that's as dependent on the ocean as Croatia is, you can imagine that the local fare consists of quite a bit of seafood. They do it right and they do it well. With the Roman Empire being a force throughout Europe for centuries, the Italian influence can also be felt. It is said that Croatia has the best Italian food outside of Italy. And that's pretty damn true. Although the feel is a bit more 'exotic' you'll be able to tell there's a lot of Italian influence (pasta, bread etc.). With that said, what you won't find in a Croatian restaurant is a packed house. Unless you're right there on the Riviera (promenade) you'll always be able to find a seat at a restaurant and can enjoy some of the most affordable, luxurious, and fresh food you'll ever have. If you love seafood, plain and simple, you're going to LOVE Croatia. 

It really is a great cuisine fusion of seafood, Italian, and Eastern European influences. Even the sidewalk restaurants have a cozy feel. And the weather is always perfect. 

Lastly, when it comes to drinks, you'll be blown away with the wine in Croatia. Wine has been engrained in the culture since 2200 B.C. and the region still thrives in the business today with many regions creating their distinctive brands and flavors. And yes, you can have too much. Take it from my personal experience and trust me on this one. 

5. Quirky and Cool

There's always a moment when you're traveling when you hear something and immediately get intrigued and are willing to take a few minutes (or hours) to check it out. Well, lucky for you, Croatia has more than a few of them.

In Zagreb, The Museum of Broken Relationships takes in mementoes from people all around the world who donate them after a relationship ended in one way or another and the stories behind the objects are also displayed. Kinda weird, right? That's just the beginning of it too....

Staying on the quirky side, is the Durovica Cave which sits right below the runway of Dubrovnik Airport. Down here it always stays around 16 degrees (C) and you can grab some of that wine we talked about and explore. Who would have thought underneath an airport would be the perfect places for a wine cellar?

On to some of the more cool aspects. Nikola Tesla is a favorite son of Croatia and is shown by the Tesla Museum located between Zagreb and Split. This quaint and simple museum (the home Tesla was born in) gives great insight to a man that changed the world forever (and continues to change it).There are so many other neat things in Croatia to see (sorry, but there will not be enough time to see most of them) so I will only throw in one more of my must-do’s.

And in terms of Croatia, there's a million reasons to go, but the sheer beauty, unmatched natural ecosystems and stunning, classic architecture are just a few of them. Don't go to the Paris's of the world, go someplace unrivaled, off the beaten path and full of discoveries just waiting to be uncovered. Go find a new 'you' in Croatia, and I promise you won't ever look back. 

Plus, doesn't this look like a place you'd want to explore the shit out of? 

Dubrovnik, Croatia - you'll spend two days here on our VoyEdge RX trip. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia - you'll spend two days here on our VoyEdge RX trip. 

Finally, if you know me,  you'll know I am not a city person. I was born and raised in the farm fields of Minnesota, but of course I'll go and traverse the cities, see the sights and explore them till the early hours of the night.

But I am more comfortable in a place that has less than 10 stop lights, as most of my friends know. So, with that, my last cool must do is to visit small towns all around the country. The big cities have the sights - yes, but it's the small towns full of allure that are always ripe for the most adventure. From the coast, up the mountains, and in the depths of the valleys you'll find some truly amazing people and places. These places exist, we just have to get comfortable doing them. And that's ultimately what we're blending VoyEdge RX into. Seeing the places unexplored, sights left untapped, and finding the most interesting places to go. 

In closing, ahhhh Croatia. A blog can only do so much, but it's my intent here to write about just a few things to get you thinking. I'm not here to sell you on our trip to Croatia, but more so to inspire you to live a life off the beaten path, traverse roads unexplored, push yourself to try new things and to ultimately become the best version of yourself possible. That's why we've started this company, and that is my main mission in life. Inspire everyone of all backgrounds to see what's possible and go after it with vigor. 

Life wasn't meant to sit in a chair for 40 hours a week. It's not about chasing money, it's about crafting fond memories with foreigners, sharing wine with loved ones on stone steps, and forever chasing those endless smiles along sandy beaches. My point is: Don't ever give up on life, when you think about it, it's really only just begun. 

Croatia. Live it. Love It. 

Email me with questions, comments and concerns. - hope to see you on Croatia next summer with us. Trip page and link down below. 

~ Tony