The ultimate measure of a Champion is not where he stands at times of comfort & convenience, but at times of challenge & adversity.
— Rich Froning

Credit to our friends at The Morning Chalk Up for breaking this little number.

CrossFit Mayhem sent out an email the other day detailing that good ole Rich Froning is breaking into the personal trainer game! That's right, Rich Froning, the GOAT of CrossFit, can be your personal programmer, trainer, nutrition advisor, and life coach!

The email announced that after an application process Rich may take you on as a client, for a mere $2000 a month. Insert gasp here.

YA know what, people will pay this fee, I know it. I will be honest, this is EXACTLY why Greg Glassman has taken a 180 about the games too. People have become so obsessed with the sport rather than just worrying about the basics of the program. For this same price you could get your L1 and your L2, gain an incredible understanding of the program yourself, and learn to program for yourself, AND others, in an effective way. All for one month of Rich Froning's programing.

This is wild, but hey, the heart wants what it wants. Just don't be the person to sign up for this, or at least don't tell me you did!

Cover Photo: @  richfroning

Cover Photo: @richfroning

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