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Wisdom of the Week- Scaling Toes to Bar

Part 3 of the Toes To Bar series is here! We LOVE this scale because it provides a challenge to the athlete without sacrificing the range of motion. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

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Wisdom of the Week- How to Scale the Push-Up

Push-ups from the knees are an EXCELLENT way to practice full range of motion push-ups without sacrificing your core stability and good back position. Check out the video to see how to properly perform this scale, and read the blog to learn more!

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Wisdom of the Week- The Do's and Dont's of Scaling the Push-Up

Last week we talked proper push-up technique, and this week we move on to the best scaling options for push-ups. Throughout the next 3 weeks we will demo push-up scales and explain WHY they are most effective.

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