Wisdom of the Week- Scaling Toes to Bar

Our favorite day of the week is back again, so let's get right down to some Wisdom!

This week, Marc and Aimee continue their Toes To Bar series with a neat little scale if you struggle with the range of motion but are still looking to develop the movement in an equally spicy way. We LOVE this scale because it works the whole range of motion (if you are a frequent follower of wisdom of the Week, you know this is a big deal)!

To use this scale, simply grab a heavy kettlebell and set it on the ground. Lay out on your back like you are holding onto a pull up bar, but grasp the kettlebell with a narrow grip instead. Simulate the motion of Toes To Bar by bringing your knees to your chest and then kicking up to the kettlebell just as you would on the bar. For an added challenge, keep your legs straight! This develops core and hip flexor strength needed to perform toes to bar.

Give this a shot, and feel the burn! Stay tuned next week for one more part in this series. If you have requests for future series, hit us in the comments below!

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