How To Make Your Day Unforgettable in Vienna

Oh, the places you’ll go....
— Dr. Seuss

A culture-rich city with breathtaking architecture, art collections, cafés and a buzzing nightlife. Once you visit Vienna, you immediately fall in love with it. There is so many things to see that the city makes you want to live there.

Indeed, there is little time for a tourist to see all the things worth seeing in Vienna. You certainly don’t want to waste time there contemplating where to go first and where to go next.

If you are confused about how to spend your day, then let me show you what I enjoyed most in Vienna. Visiting these locations will make an outstanding day in this wonderful city.

Kunsthistorisches Museum and Maria-Theresien Platz

At the Kunsthistorisches Museum, you can check out the whole art collection of the Hapsburg family. The building itself and the sculptures in front of the building already deserve much awe. On top of the whole monument sits the sculpture of Empress Maria Theresia.

According to its name, this museum completely devoted to art and it is more than a 100 years old. Emperor Franz Josef opened it back in the late 1800s. You can spend hours and hours there exploring the breathtaking galleries while losing your sense of time.

Significant Flemish, Renaissance and Baroque paintings are part of the collection. Furthermore, the collection includes Dutch, Roman, Egyptian and Greek art pieces that will blow your mind. Further in front of the Kunsthistorisches Museum is the Natural History Museum, which is an identical building.

Café Landtmann

This café attracted a lot of locals, tourists and famous people since it opened in 1873. For example, Gustav Mahler, Sigmund Freud and Felix Salten all enjoyed their coffees there back in the day. Although a lot of tourists go there on a daily basis, it doesn’t make it less important to visit the place.

Besides coffee, it is mandatory to order some Viennese schnitzel from the menu. It is their specialty and you literally can’t find any other place where it is more delicious. Imagine how good it is if most people go there just to try it out. Traditional café with authentic food.

Oh yes, and don’t forget to order some dessert once you are finished with the schnitzel. A wide range of cake specialties await you there. Kind of hard to choose but all of them are worth a shot. During nice weather, you can even sit outdoors and enjoy the view of Burgtheater and Ringstrasse. Take a peek at their website here.

Wratschko Gastwirschaft

This is a historic bar that opened in the 1800s. It really looks like any other pub from a couple hundred years ago. Once you enter, you can have a seat at one of the simple bench seatings. Once you get your meal, then you will realize that you are, in fact, not sitting at a simple pub.

Wratschko Gastwirschaft is the one of the best places to try traditional Viennese food at. It has a chef that exceeds all your expectations, preparing you an unforgettable dish no matter what you order. Even Anthony Bourdain, the American celebrity chef approved the place as the best restaurant in the whole country.

The place itself and the dishes are rather simple, nothing fancy. The trick is that they have mastered all the traditional dishes, making them impeccable and incomparable. If you want to eat something good in Vienna without all the fancy stuff, then head straight to Wratschko Gastwirschaft.

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