Often times I feel South America is overlooked by American travelers, who would rather go to Europe or the Caribbean, or somewhere else super touristy. That being said, consider Peru for your next out of country exploration! Here's why.

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Peru is off the beaten path, not untraveled by far less touristy than Rome, for example. To discover the wonders of Peru would be to have an experience few others can match. Perhaps the most riveting thing about Peru is the extremes that you can get from this amazing place.

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Peru is so stinking high, it's unreal. Cusco, one of the biggest cities in Peru, sits at almost 12,000 FEET! Woah. Other unique regions worth visiting, like the Rainbow Mountains, sit at 17,000 FEET! To put it into perspective, I live in one fo the highest towns in the USA, at a mere 7,500 feet. That's less than half of how high the Rainbow Mountains sit.

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Because of this extreme altitude, we get species and vegetation and wildlife that you simply cannot find anywhere else. These forms of life have evolved to live in such extreme settings, it is truly a wonder to behold. On top of that, Peru is home to Macchu Picchu, one of the oldest and most exciting archeological sights known to modern man. That place is on my bucket list, for sure!

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If Peru is a place that interests you, check out our itinerary due to take off in 2020. We are going to the Rainbow Mountains, Cusco, Lima, and we are taking a 4-day trek through the jungle to Macchu Picchu. Take a look in the link below!