july 20-30, 2019

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  • ARRIVE IN MILAN (MXP) ANYIME ON saturday, july 20th, 2019

  • DEPART FROM FLORENCE (FLR) OR MILAN (MXP) ON tuesday, July 30th, 2019













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+ Included

  • All transportation & accommodation (at least three-stars) while on tour
  • All breakfasts and some group dinners
  • Pick up and drop off at Milan Airport (MXP) at the beginning and end of the trip
  • Walking tour of Milan
  • CrossFit workout in Milan
  • Group dinner in Milan
  • Transportation to Lake Como
  • Transportation to Lugano, Switzerland
  • Optional workout in Lugano, Switzerland
  • Train to Bolzano
  • Gondola and hike up into the Dolomites from Bolzano
  • Free day in Bolzano
  • Train to Florence
  • Walking tour of Florence
  • Group dinner & night out in Florence
  • Day trip to Tuscany and the vineyards (vespa not included, but costs 35 euro per person plus petrol)
  • Transportation & day trip to Cinque Terre
  • Optional day trip and train to Venice
  • CrossFit drop-ins while in Florence (CrossFit Iris or Firenze)
  • Gym drop-ins and/or travel workouts (all optional)
  • All hiking fees
  • A big hug goodbye at the end of the trip

+ Not Included

  • Flights to and from Italy. Once you book, we will work with you on getting the best deals (If you would prefer, we can book flights for you. This will be an additional fee).
  • Museum/attraction entrance fees
  • Lunches and some dinners
  • Petrol in vespa used in Chianti
  • Travelers Insurance
From the second I landed to the moment I left, any doubt subsided and was replaced with a feeling of childlike glee and wonder. Hands down, this was the most incredible adventure I had experienced. The itinerary was comprised of some of the most beautiful and picturesque places I have ever seen. The fast-paced tone of the trip never left one bored wishing they were somewhere else or homesick. And despite the amazing places I had visited, it did not hold a candle to the incredible people I met and spent time with.
— Jack Murphy / Northern Italy & Switzerland Tour 2017


welcome to milan, italy

July 20, 2019


DAY 1 - welcome to northern italy

Welcome to Milan. The Fashion Capital of the world and home to incredible clothing designers, architects, and fashionistas of all ages. You will be in awe at how wonderfully created every bit of this city is. From the Duomo, to the cathedral that houses "The Last Supper," everything is amazingly constructed, and the eve of a summer night in Milan is the perfect way to welcome you to an incredible country like Italy. Once the group has made their arrival, we will go on our first group walking tour. Afterwards we will have a group dinner, getting your first savory taste of true Italian cuisine, before turning in for the night. Get pumped, get ready, and get some sleep as we gear up for an incredible adventure over the next 11 days.


July 21, 2019


DAY 2 - gorgeous lake como

Just 35 minutes away from Milan is today’s stop, Lake Como. An untouched gem in Northern Italy and a stark contrast to the cityscapes of Milan, Como is a quaint lake town nestled next to massive mountains. You will have a ball touring the scenic countryside and small, charming towns of Lake Como over the next two days. After check-in we will immediately go on a walking tour around Como itself, getting the lay of the land. During this tour we will head to the rim of the lake to take a Cable car up to the top of Brunate. Take in a spectacular view of the town from above, before partaking in a 3-hour hike down to the town of Torno. From there we will take a relaxing boat ride back over Lake Como to enjoy the sunset.

lavish lugano, switzerland

July 22, 2019

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DAY 3 - lounge around lake lugano

Today we hop the border into a whole new cultural experience. With a perfect blend of Swiss and Italian culture, the riveting lakeside city of Lugano, Switzerland will capture your attention in its entirety. From the perfectly-planted flowers on the promenade, to the buzzing piazzas and beer gardens that sit alongside the river, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the lakeside breeze and spend the whole day here. The morning will consist of a visit to the train station, then a brief train ride through the mountains to Lugano. If you're an athlete and aching for a workout, head to CrossFit Lugano for a drop-in, before showering up and heading back down to Lugano for the rest of the day. We will catch a train back to Como together this evening.

welcome to bolzano

July 23, 2019


DAY 4 - blossoming bolzano

Day 4 is a big travel day, so get ready as we depart from Lake Como back to Milan, and then gear up to head to Bolzano. This ride will fly by, as it offers breathtaking views of mountains and vineyards the entire way. After the group arrives in Bolzano, we will tour the town, check-in to our accommodations, and have an optional outdoor workout to get the blood flowing! You're in an amazing place and going to love it here over the next three days!


July 24, 2019


DAY 5 - into the mountains we go...

Day 5 kicks off with an early breakfast and grocery store stop before taking a scenic gondola into the mountains of Southern Tyrol. Thousands of meters above sea level, our day will get underway. The experience of walking through woods, small towns, farms, and more while having an epic view of the Dolomites is second to none. There will be a rest stop in Collalbo-Klobenstein, a hikers paradise town. From there, we will take the tram back to Soprabolzano. After the tram, you can either choose to take the gondola down, or take the steep, three-hour hike down a paved path that offers spectacular views of the mountains, as well as the town of Bolzano. Either way, you're in for one HELL of an awesome day. We will fuel up back in Bolzano with a group dinner and get a good night’s sleep.


July 25, 2019


DAY 6 - free day to explore southern tyrol

Bolzano is the cultural fusion of the best things from Germany/Austria, and of Italy. Located at the foothills of the Dolomites, there is a plethora of green space and outdoor activities to partake in. June is a particularly active time in Bolzano, often populated by locals more so than tourists. You will have a great opportunity to get a taste of the local culture in a very authentic way, just by walking out the door! Wake up today in Bolzano and the day is entirely yours. Whether you're aching to get back up into the Dolomites, or to tour a few castles in the surrounding area, do as you please today. VoyEdge RX will set up a time to do an optional mobility session and outdoor workout, but other than that this day should be used to get lost in the town!

home of the renaissance

July 26, 2019


DAY 7 - ciao da firenze

Day 7 will start with a departure from Bolzano directly down to Florence. Take a nap or play some cards on this train ride, and before you know it we'll arrive in the heart of the Renaissance. As a group we will go and check-in to the hotel, drop your belongings off, and head into this magical city. Our group walking tour will give you the general lay of the land, and we will talk about some must-do activities at our group dinner. After dinner we will head up to Piazza Michelangelo with a few bottles of wine to capture an amazing view of the sun setting over Florence. Once the sun has set you can turn in early, or head out with a group to explore some of Florence’s exemplary night life. Florence has so many attractions, so get a good night's sleep and be prepared to see them all over the next few days!

ride through tuscany

July 27, 2019


DAY 8 - cycle or vespa through tuscany

Today we will wake up in Florence and enjoy a light breakfast before heading to the bus depot. From here, a quick 35 minute bus ride will take us to Greve in Chianti for the days festivities. This is optional day trip, but we encourage all of you to take advantage of the included bus ticket and Vespa rental! There is nothing quite like motoring through the winding roads of Tuscany, taking in the views and a wine tasting or two. All you need is a driver's license, and enough money to top off the Vespa tank before returning it. The option is yours to double up on a Vespa or take your own, but feel free to roam and ride as a group to share this incredible day with your travel companions! If Vespas are too fast for you, feel free to take an electronically enhanced bicycle and peddle your way through the hills instead! We will set up a meeting time and head back to Florence for the evening as a group. If you're not interested in going to Chianti, you may have a free day in Florence or the surrounding community!

day trip to venice

July 28, 2019


DAY 9 - day trippin' to venice

Day 9 is an optional day trip to Venice (train tickets included). If you do not wish to go to Venice, you may enjoy a free day in Florence to shop, eat, relax, or visit another town in the surrounding area. For those of you ready to dive into one of the most unique cities on earth, this day will be a treat for you! In Venice you can see the meandering canals, tight alleyways, and get lost in this labyrinth of a city together. Walk to Piazza San Marcos (the main piazza) and we will show you how to travel to the surrounding islands, should you choose to island hop. At this point we will set a meeting time to reconvene, and travel back to Florence via train. Feel free to explore Venice as you see fit, just be sure to grab a map on your way into the historic city center!

the sleepy fishing villages

July 29, 2019


DAY 10 - hike through the five terrace towns of cinque terre

Much can be said about Italy's most revered cliffside towns...also known as, 'The sleepy fishing villages.' Cinque Terre is now one of the most visited locations on the planet. These five terrace towns have become a HUGE attraction for visitors from all around the world, despite being somewhat of a difficult destination to reach. However, once you arrive here, you'll see why. The landscapes, cliffs, and bright blue hues of the ocean will leave a lasting impact on you. As an optional day trip (included in the price), VoyEdge RX will depart Florence in the early morning to reach Cinque Terre. We will purchase your RT tickets and will walk with you through all five towns to Riomaggiore, a perfect beach spot, and the last of the 5 towns. You can also simply have a free day in Florence, or choose to depart a day early, if you wish.

depart from florence,italy

July 30, 2019


DAY 11 - depart from florence back home

By Day 11, you're going to feel like you've accomplished a lot, and you really have! From touring the Northern region of Italy, hiking the Dolomites, traversing some of Italy's most visited locations, and seeing the hidden gems between all of them, you're certainly going to be feeling it on the final day. There will be one last breakfast provided by VoyEdge RX, and if your flight is not until the late evening we'll plan for a drop-in at CrossFit Iris before preparing for departure. For your departure today, we will purchase your train and bus ticket back to the airport. For your convenience, plan to fly out from Florence Peretola - FLR. Please plan your flight for any part of the day. On behalf of our team, we hope you had an INCREDIBLE eleven days with us.


~ fin