5 Things To Learn When Moving Abroad

Guest blog post by: Lara Smith 

Excitement has already gripped your mind and you have got the preparations done from suitcases to guidebooks, from visas to passports, and more. Moving abroad is no less than a dark petrifying cloud looming over your head—yes it, in fact, is a huge challenge. As it is said, make the decision and then make it right; then, WHY NOT? It is thrilling, adventurous, puzzling, and mind-boggling; but in the end, it should be worth it. After all, we all need to learn to leave our comfort zones. But, do not overlook the importance of your friends and family back home. It is one major mistake all the cross-country movers make!

Getting down to the essentials of what you need to learn, be prepared to get your blindfold removed and the heartache exposed. Take a deep breath, nothing to worry; these steps will surely make your transition an immaculate one.

  • Learn To Navigate Independently in A New Place

It is daunting to laden your brain with millions of pathways, bus routes, to carry correct foreign currency change, or to buy a ticket from an automatic dispenser. Preparing to learn the basics of your new neighborhood, city routes, and currency facts will terrifically ease your transition process. Find the most affordable means of transport during the first few months. Know the important places that you may have to visit including government offices, metro routes and restaurants (especially the ones that offer your country’s special delights).

  • Be A Master Of The Cultural Norms Of New Neighborhood

You would not want to sound rude or discourteous while inter-mixing with new people. For that, you can learn the basic etiquettes that are followed in the country you’re moving. Make friends, learn from them, imitate their behavior, and try to be as less expressive as you can at first; however, it is unavoidable not to make mistakes. Participate in the local’s holidays, events (religious or non-religious) to create a deeper understanding with the locals.

  • Get A Job Permit to Start Earning At Your Earliest

Although you have saved a lot for the transition, it is not going to last forever. Be it for study purposes or for vacations; you have to look for a reliable source of earning. Learn about the policies, get the work permit, and start off with your new job. For foreigners, there are working holiday visas, job-specific visas, and much more that you can explore before moving!

  • Learn The Gibberish-Sounding Language First

Communication is the key to socialize better. The gibberish written on different documents needs to be decoded. In a stranger’s land, it is not right to trust anyone. For instance, if you are moving to Spain, learn the common Spanish words. After all, learning the basics of their native language, grammar, pronunciation as well as vocabulary is crucial. There are hundreds of free and paid language-learning apps that you can take help from.

  • Learn About The Necessary Residential Details

Read books in the foreign language so you may start understand different words as soon as possible

Read books in the foreign language so you may start understand different words as soon as possible

In the beginning, you would be residing in hotels, hostels, apartments or even sharing rooms. Being jobless and being a stranger would add to your misery to adjust. Figure out and calculate your expenses and save money for at least the initial six-month’s span. Connect with the natives online to learn about the best real estate agents who have starter funds, and millions of more opportunities.

We wish you a safe cross-country transition!

Good luck!

About the Author:

Lara Smith has worked for Wall Street English for 20 years. After studying at Stanford University and subsequently doing a CELTA course, she began her career in teaching. She is obsessed with languages and currently writes blogs at https://www.mimicmethod.com/.

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