5 Super Foods And Probiotics Beneficial For Colon Cleansing


Guest blog by: Lisa Fletcher

Digestive health issues are not new to us. We have been hearing complaints about poor digestive health or experiencing the same once in a while. Pain during bowel movements, irregular bowel movements, constipation, gas, vomiting and the list of digestive health issues will go on. But thanks to natural herbs based solutions as Bowtrol colon cleanse ingredients for better digestion and weight loss that we are able to deal with a digestive disorder.

Keeping the colon clean and healthy is not that difficult if you know the main tricks and tips of doing that. Apart from the availability of natural and herbal solutions in the market, there are some foods that can improve your digestive tract. Following is a list of five superfoods and probiotics that are known to be beneficial for colon cleansing. Make sure to add them in your diet and give a healthy start. Here we go-

1. Fish oil is a must-have

Fish oil is known to be beneficial for heart health. But many people are not aware of the benefits of fish oil in maintaining healthy digestive health. Try to add fatty fish like tuna, mackerel, salmon, etc. in your diet and enjoy a healthy and happy life. You can also nature-based supplements for fish oil so that you can get enough amount of fish oil for your healthy body.

2.Garlic is loaded with benefits

Garlic is a super food for colon cleansing and you should make it a part of your daily diet. Apart from adding taste to your food, garlic will do wonders in keeping you healthy, young and happy.

3.Embrace the goodness of traditional buttermilk

Traditional buttermilk, i.e. the leftover liquid from making butter is another super food to keep your digestive health happy. It is also high in vitamin B12, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin and is low in fat and calories. You cannot say no this super food if you are suffering from gas, constipation, vomiting tendencies, etc.

4.Know the benefits of Avocado

Avocado helps in keeping the colon clean. The soluble and insoluble fiber of avocado improves bowel movements and reduces irregularities. Eating avocados on a regular basis reduces the chances of colon cancer and keeps your digestive health happy.

5.Let yogurt and nature- based probiotics do all the work

Yogurt, i.e. the fermented version of milk is loaded with healthy bacteria like lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. Yogurt is loaded with probiotics that plays a major role in reducing digestive disorders and improves your gut health. Make sure to buy yogurt with live cultivation of bacteria for maximum benefit. Apart from yogurt and all other natural probiotics you can try nature based supplements. Give a healthy start by adding Bowtrol probiotic cleanser for healthy gut and better lifestyle.

Suffering from digestive disorders is such discomfort that you don’t feel like going out and being social. It affects your productivity and can also affect your mood. Happiness comes from your health and hence you cannot afford to say no to a healthy lifestyle. Be choosy with your food and enjoy a healthy and happy digestive health.

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