Vacations are phenomenal, and a very important part of mental health, keeping your mind off work and allowing you to enjoy life for a while. Unfortunately, the way a lot of people choose to vacation is not the best for their physical health. News flash, sitting on the beach roasting like a chicken with a drink in your hand isn't the best thing for you! If you want to try and stay healthy on your next trip, follow these six easy tips to find success.

1. Stay Hydrated

Water is so essential to our quality of life. Without water, everythingggg starts to shut down. Whether you are laying on a beach in Cancun or exploring a castle in Ireland for the day, make sure you are constantly drinking safe, clean water.

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2. Exercise

Exercise doesn't have to take long, and it makes a world of difference in how you move through the day! Exercise is good for you for so many reasons we don't need to go over now, but this doesn't change on vacation people. Stay feeling good all trip long by exercising along the way.

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3. Eat well

Hey now, nobody is a bigger proponent of throwing yourself into the food culture of a new place like me. But I promise if you look around, the people aren't all super fat. If they aren't all super fat, it would be due to the fact that they don't always eat crap, which means YOU don't have to always eat crap either! Mix in some local veggies, understand portion control and don't have more than 1 (or maybe 2) gelatos a day.

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4. Wear Sunscreen

Unless you are taking a ski trip, (and even then) sun protection is super important! Wherever you go, make sure you pick up some nice strong sunscreen to keep yourself protected from the rays of the sun. Don't be afraid to stay outside, just make sure to do it the right way.

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5. Know where you are

If you happen to be traveling to an area that could be considered not super safe for whatever reason, it is important o be aware, and educate yourself on what is and is not safe to do. We obviously want to encourage exploration and immersion into the culture or wilderness you are visiting, but doing this in a smart way is definitely beneficial to your health.

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6. Invest in travelers insurance

If you are trying to guarantee your health as best as possible when traveling, I highly recommend travel insurance. In the event that an injury occurs, or if something were to happen outside your control, travel insurance will ensure you can take care of any medical emergencies, or get you the medication you need along the way. It is not typically too expensive, and the benefits far outweigh the cost.

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