In training, you listen to your body. In competition you tell your body to shut up.
— Rich Froning

This story, courtesy of Justin LoFranco, is quite exciting for a lot of people. The CrossFit Italian Showdown, which takes place this coming April in Milan, has opened their invitations to all of last years regional athletes.

That's right. Regionals athletes. All of them. Automatic qualifier.

When I first saw this story I was shocked, because that's a TON of people! Upon further review, this competition is known for their large numbers, as they start day one with a ridiculous 1500 people! The first day of competition is elimination style, which will whittle the group down to 200+ competitors for the remainder of the competition. 

Regardless of the numbers, this is a HUGE DEAL for every single one of those competitors. If I were a regional competitor, I would have been feeling so overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to just qualify for one of these events! Now, a free pass for all, and a true shot to make it to the Games. I expect a massive number of people to take the bait here and fly out to Milan. wouldn't you?

The 2019 CrossFit® Italian Showdown. Cover Photo: @italianshowdown

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