#WODoftheWEEK 10.23.2017

#WODoftheWEEK 10.23.2017

Hi-ya everybody! Tony here dropping by with a WOD of the week for you and as some of you may know there is a story behind my “special programming” as of late. Basically, I am making up my own workouts due to my ankle rehab. The fun part is that I have started squatting again and I can definitely tell that the last few months of not being able to do leg movements has taken a toll on the leg muscles in the sense they have disappeared. I still can not run or jump but I have a goal that by the end of November I want to be able to get a jog in!

I have been going to the gym to do my own thing on the side because I know once I get back into the class setting I will turn my brain off and just put the pedal down, so I am trying to hold myself back because while I may be ready to get back to it, my ankle is not. With that said, an opportunity arose to tackle a workout with a couple gents at the gym when the invited me to their misery party with a little number that went like this.


100 cal assault bike

3 minute rest

30 muscle ups

Even with a busted ankle, I can still get my muscle-ups in. #tbt to the Granite Games!

Even with a busted ankle, I can still get my muscle-ups in. #tbt to the Granite Games!

Giving my personal view of this is simple, with not being able to do a whole lot of cardio the last few months, my cardio is trash but I feel like I held my own. I finished the bike in about 6:35 and finished the 30 muscle ups in about 5:30. I will definitely try this one again in a couple months when I am back in the game a bit more and see how much I can improve.

I kept my bike going at about 24 mph for the duration of the 100 cals. I wanted to keep a good pace and not burn out my shoulders so I kept my legs engaged for a large majority of the time and they were barking pretty good at the end of the 100 calories. With the three minute rest that you get after the bike, find the pace and do all you can to keep that because that three minute rest will allow you to get your breath back.

If you need to scale back the cals to something more manageable then you should definitely do that. If muscle ups are not quite in your bag, go for some pull-ups. If pull ups are not being nice you just yet, some hand release or ring pushups would be a great scale.

Good luck and happy biking! And thanks again to CrossFit Southie for allowing me to modify every workout I've done over the past six months, and still making me feel at home! ALso, if you need help with the assault bike, look no further than here and this tutorial. 

Don’t suck!

~ Tony

P.S. If you have a #WODoftheWEEK you'd like to share with us, then send it our way! You can email us anytime at: staff@voyedgerx.com and we'd be more than happy to rep your box, programming, or just your favorite workout in our weekly series! 

And if you need help on your muscle-ups, use the transition videos with our coaches Marc & Aimee down below! 

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