Travel WOD 3.31.2017 "Over and Back"

Coach Larry is always talking about ways to find fitness outside of the box. And, as you know, humans were built to function outside for their whole lives, gyms weren't really created until the 20th century when someone saw an excellent opportunity and jumped on the bandwagon. 

Now, deep in the 21st century, majority, of Americans now use their limbs for fitness 'inside the box' as opposed to outside of it. The point of our travel WOD's page is to not only encourage you to find new and interesting ways to utilize your fitness, but also send home the fact that fitness can be found anywhere. Just like it was for centuries before the modern day gym. 


7 Minute AMRAP 

  • Burpee broad jump overs 

*This one allows some creativity as to what you jump over. If you're stuck inside grab a small chair or stool or the laundry basket anything goes! Outside nature has you covered, small boulders or bushes, piles of leaves and stumps, even snow banks! Feet do not touch the object as you jump over so choose accordingly.

And if you need some help perfecting the Burpee Broad Jump, please refer to the video down below. Don't forget to post your number of reps down on the comment section and let us know what you think of this. 

Fun fact, the average person burns two calories per every burpee broad jump, so use that as a great counter measure to how many potential calories you could burn in one sitting. 50 reps total? Go for more. 

Fun fact: The word gymnasium comes all the way from Latin, where back in Greece, the athletes of the old all used to work out in the nude. That's something, eh? 

To hear the full article and history of the 'gym' read this article here. 

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