#WorkoutoftheWeek 12.3.2018

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Tony Beringer mid-bar muscle-up at CrossFit Piraeus in Greece.

Tony Beringer mid-bar muscle-up at CrossFit Piraeus in Greece.

Workout of the Week 12.3.2018

From: Crusher CrossFit // Submitted by: Tony Beringer


1-2-3-4-5, etc.

Back Squat (225lb/155lb)

Bar Muscle Up

Score is the highest round completed + reps

Summary: Welcome back to our Workout of the Week posts. If you ever have a brutal workout that you do and want it to be remembered and shared by our community, submit i to us via email at: staff@voyedgerx.com.

Now, this workout was submitted by our very own, Tony Beringer, who used to go to Crusher CrossFit out in Minnesota. If you’re ever in the Waconia area, give them a shout and drop-in!

Amazing piece of programming here from Crusher CF. Back squats with bar muscle-ups. You have a patient-needing movement like back squats, combined with a dynamic move such as the bar muscle-up.

Definitely not easy. The interesting part of this workout is the 15-minute time cap. Do you rush through the first couple, or pace it and take your time? I suppose it depends on your strengths, but with the amount of core strength needed here for both the back squats and bar muscle-ups, it really is a workout where you are going to have to feel it out.

Scaling tips? Do pull-ups (with a band) or lower the weight for the back squats. You could also try banded bar-muscle ups.

In conclusion: Great submission by, Tony. And I can’t wait to try this one outt on a rainy day at the box. Let us know what you think of this one down below, but I dunno if I could get past round 8, 9 or 10.

Time will tell!

Need help with some bar muscle-ups? Check out this video from CrossFit Inc.

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