#WODoftheWEEK 10.16.2017 CrossFit 207

Do you like dumbbells? No? Good, cause you're about to do dumbbell stuff. 

dumbbell stuff

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crossfit 207

Either way, whether you come to our site for workout stuff, or travel-related content, we know not everyone is into CrossFit. CrossFit itself is a very niche community, and even the most seasoned athletes take years to develop. And regardless of your age, skill, or commitment, overall health is vastly important to our team here at VoyEdge RX, and again, that all plays in the lifestyle we are trying to promote of exploration and being the best you possible. 

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Let's jump into the WOD of the WEEK

I dropped in to CrossFit 207 two weeks ago and had the pleasure of one of the coaches there, Lance Brown, drop this workout on me. He gave me about 15 minutes to warm up, before heading into this beating of a WOD (workout of the day). And as you can tell, it's a nasty chipper.

Let's dive in. It's a partner workout, so you can split the work up however you want, just as long as you finish it and don't skimp on the reps. Of course, if you need to scale the weight, you should. 


dumbbell stuff crossfit 207
  • 100 calorie ski erg buy in 

  • 100 foot double kettle bell front rack lunge (53,35) 

  • 200 double unders

  • 100 foot double kettle bell front rack lunge 

  • 100 double dumbbell thrusters (dual 50's, or 35's) 

  • 100 foot double kettle bell front rack lunge 

  • 50 muscle-ups or chest to bar 

  • 100 foot double kettle bell front rack lunge 


Not going to sugarcoat this one in ANY WAY. I got my ass handed to me, and so did my partner on this workout. It was brutal. I think we came in around the 33:00 minute mark, while the other pair we went against finished it in around 29:00 minutes....which is insane. 

maines fittest

My two cents is this....split the workout evenly and cut the sets down to 10 on the ski ERG, as well as the front rack lunges, because that's where you're going to make all your money....do 50' a piece, and I guarantee by the second or third set you do them it's going to be very painful, yet worth it. Rest as much as you can and just continue moving on this one. Especially with the thrusters, just break them down into sets of 5, and keep it moving!

Big shoutout to CrossFit 207 for letting me drop in and showing me a hell of a time! No wonder they are some of Maine's fittest athletes. Check 'em out here.


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